“We had to talk to our pediatrician” – Eagles star Jason Kelce reveals worry about 3-month-old daughter

Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were worried about their infant daughter
Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were worried about their infant daughter's sleep patterns which led them to contacting their daughter.

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie welcomed their third daughter just weeks after Super Bowl LVII this past February. Bennett Llewellyn is now three months old and apparently gave her parents a little bit of a scare recently.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, Jason Kelce said that his infant daughter sleeps a lot. This, for a newborn, is uncommon, which many parents are well aware of. She apparently is sleeping more than their older two daughters ever did when they were that age.

Their concern led the couple to speak with their paediatrician about her sleep schedule. It turns out that everything was okay with Bennett. She is just a good sleeper. The Eagles center said that he and his wife really 'lucked out' when it came to having such an easygoing baby.

"Our third baby, Bennett, she sleeps too good. She sleeps so much that we had to talk to our paediatrician and make sure that it was okay that she was sleeping this much."

Jason Kelce was actually filming a Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial with his brother Travis and mother Donna when he spoke to PEOPLE. He said that he is sure that he and his wife will have their hands full as she continues to grow and is on the move soon.

Jason Kelce doesn't hold back on NFL players who are against Thursday night matchups

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce

The National Football League recently made some rule changes during the recent team owners' meeting. One of those is that Thursday night games can now be flexed. Meaning, if the game that is scheduled to be played on Thursday isn't 'must-see', then it can be moved in favor of another game.

This would prevent teams like the Denver Broncos who were scheduled for several prime-time matchups last season. They ended with just four wins.


On the New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, the two NFL brothers spoke about the change. Jason said that he is in favor of Thursday night games because the amount of rest that one gets due to the early game.

“I am all for games being played on Thursday, because that means we have walk-throughs during the middle of the week and we don’t practice and we get three days off after the game. Players that are anti–Thursday night games are just looking to make headlines. There’s no f***ing chance anybody with half a brain cell is against Thursday night games.”

He went on to say that NFL players who are against Thursday night games are strictly looking for attention. Even saying that he believes that they are trying to make headlines.

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