“Get your wife back” – Tom Brady’s shock retirement prompts Jason Whitlock to dole out Gisele Bundchen advice

Jason Whitlock advised Tom Brady upon retirement
Jason Whitlock advised Tom Brady upon retirement

Tom Brady shocked the world by announcing his retirement on social media today, exactly one year after his first retirement announcement that didn't stick. He says he's retiring for good, which means he has time now to focus on his personal life.

NFL analyst Jason Whitlock has some advice on what Brady should use that time for- fixing his shattered marriage.

Whitlock said:

"Congrats! Pleasure watching you compete. Go pull off the greatest comeback and get your wife back!"

Brady and his now ex-wife Gisele Bundchen were involved in a very public but reportedly amicable split this NFL season. There was allegedly some contention over his decision to return to the NFL.

Many pundits believe it is that decision to unretire that helped cost him his marriage and now Whitlock wants to see him fix it with Bundchen.


As noble a pursuit as that may seem to be, the marriage is over. It's very unlikely that either of them want to get back into it, especially with rumored partners for both.

Nevertheless, Whitlock wants to see the quarterback, who is known for his incredible comebacks, get his wife back. Whether or not that will ever even be a possibility remains to be seen.

Why did Tom Brady retire?

There was a lot of speculation as to why Tom Brady unretired last off-season. He was still playing well and had done everything there was to do. He held records no one will touch for a long time.


There is now speculation as to why he is retiring again, but it is more so wondering why he bothered to come back. It's clear he wasn't the same Brady and he jeapordized his ability to truly go out on top.

Tom Brady has retired now
Tom Brady has retired now

Last season, he was an MVP candidate and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were good. This season, they finished under .500 and Brady looked bad all year.

That's probably why he retired. No matter where he goes, he's an old, aging quarterback. That makes life difficult and not many teams can fix that.

As a result, perhaps before it gets any worse, Brady is walking away on his own terms- a second time.

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