"There's no pros to Tom playing" - Gisele Bundchen believes Tom Brady has nothing left to prove and should retire, claims Colin Cowherd

Gisele doesn
Gisele doesn't see the need for Tom Brady to play in the NFL anymore, Colin Cowher claims. Pic: Getty Images

Gisele Bundchen is done playing games with Tom Brady. Actually, Gisele is done watching Tom Brady play games — specifically pro football games as the sport's all-time great at his position, thinks analyst Colin Cowherd.


Brady proved against the Cowboys in Week 1 that he hasn't really lost a step after a tumultuous offseason. Last month, upon his return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from a 11-day absence, Brady looked visibly distressed and said that "a lot of s*** was going on."

Bill Belichick didn't force Tom Brady to leave New England. Gisele did.I'll believe this til the day I die…

Still, despite how sharp he looked in his 23rd season at the age of 45, Brady no longer has the blessing of his wife to continue playing, at least according to 'The Herd' host Colin Cowherd.

Here's Cowherd's take on the reported marital issues between Gisele and Tom Brady:

"Now we're getting into the juicy details, this whole Brady-Giselle story. It's weird. It's like their private life, but it's like a major story. Apparently, they're living apart now, which I don't know. It would be very hard for me to function at my work if I was living apart from my wife.
"You know, maybe Tom can compartmentalize. But People magazine says, like, it's been really bad. And they had a quote today...that Gisele is very pro and con person."

Cowherd continued:

"She seems there's no pros to Tom playing. He's the goat. Nothing left to prove, he could be going out on top and playing until the wheels fall off. Doesn't seem to be the way to go.
"A new report also says Brady knows he needs to retire after this year if he wants to stay married. And that's why he took the 11 days off to show his family. I'm here, I'm present, I'm engaged."

Tom Brady understands the interest in his private life

Tom Brady is not condemning those that are prying into his personal life. In fact, he understands that it's the nature of living life in front of cameras almost every waking moment.

Tom Brady and Gisele

Tom Brady said at a press conference on Thursday, September 15, that it's simply part of his life. He then went on to awkwardly explain his love for the game of football:

“I’ve always loved playing, so . . . football, it’s a great sport. I’ve been in it for a long time. I enjoy being out there. Yeah, it’s a great sport.”

Let's hope that love for the game didn't get in the way of his love for his family.

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