"I was hammering him to come to Vegas" - Dana White reveals he tried to recruit Tom Brady to Raiders before retirement

"I was hammering him to come to Vegas"
"I was hammering him to come to Vegas"

In a city not short of headline attractions, UFC President Dana White wants Tom Brady to be the face of football in the city. He said he pestered Tom Brady just after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were dumped out of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Rams and talk went around that he was considering retirement. In his own words,

"I was hammering him to come to Vegas. I was firing texts to him and he sent very cryptic text messages. He had me thinking he wasn't going to retire. So, you know what I was doing? I was hammering him to come to Vegas and play for the Raiders."

Dana White, who calls Las Vegas home, knew that bringing Tom Brady to the world's entertainment capital would be a script written in sporting heaven.

Dana White tried to recruit Tom Brady for the Raiders earlier as well

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Dana White is a lifelong fan of the New England Patriots and therefore rooted for Brady as he achieved his unparalleled success with the franchise. For a man who supported the franchise before Brady came along, White would have rooted for Brady to remain with the Patriots forever.

But when the time came for Tom Brady to leave the Patriots, Dana White imagined him playing in his adopted hometown of Vegas. Brady would have been the perfect draw for the a city known for big acts and that was just getting its own football franchise.

When Brady left the Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, White believed that the only place he would come to would be the Raiders. He even pointed out that when Brady's time with the Patriots was up, he met at a UFC event with Raiders owner Mark Davis and spent some time talking.

White tried his hardest this time as well to bring him to Vegas. But it was not to be as Brady had made up his mind to retire and spend his time away from the football field.

Unfortunately for Dana White and other NFL fans, Tom Brady's time in the NFL is over after 22 seasons. He will not be playing for the Raiders or anywhere else. But where we might see him after his playing career is in Vegas in some UFC fights as Brady is a part-owner there. It remains to be seen if White might try to coax Brady out of retirement for one final run.

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