Is EA improving Madden 24’s blocking scheme? YouTuber highlights game’s biggest development for latest edition

Madden 24 will feature a new blocking system
Madden 24 will feature a new blocking system

Madden 24 is one of the most highly-anticiapted sports video games of the entire year, as it always is. The mega-popular NFL gaming franchise is getting set to be released in the coming weeks, so EA Sports has naturally been hyping it up as much as possible.

With each new year of the Madden gaming franchise comes new features and upgraded gameplay. EA Sports is constantly working to improve the overall user experience of the game. It takes feedback into consideration when designing its annual model for the game, always attempting to make the current version better than the previous one.

The actual in-game football gameplay is one of the most important factors for Madden to get right. Gamers want to feel like they are controlling the most realistic NFL experience as possible. Madden 24 is taking additional strides to fulfil this desire by making changes to the way players interact on thei field.

Popular YouTuber Eric Rayweather recently outlined one of the biggest changes to the gameplay this year:

“Both pass and run blocking are seeing some nice improvements this year. I want to start things off with the run blocking, and that is where some of the more significant changes are, and it's also going to be the most noticeable to you.
"Blockers now get to where they need to go more smoothly and they're actually taking a 'less is more' approach. They're focused on taking steady destinations to the nearest threat and locking on to him, instead of trying to account for multiple different players at once.
"Previously, the threat detection algorithm would literally take into account every single player on the field, which caused a lot of target switching for blockers.”


Improving the run blocking algorithm is likely a welcomed change by many Madden gamers. Blockers will now react much less seemingly random. They will allegedly do a much better job of focusing in on their most logical blocking assignment and executing it as they would in an NFL game. This will likely create more realistic results on rushing plays, as well as more potential for game-breaking runs.

When is the Madden 24 release date?

Madden 24 cover image
Madden 24 cover image

EA Sports recently announced that Madden 24 will officially be released for everyone on Aug. 18. They will also feature an exclusive early-access option on Aug. 15, allowing certain users to get the game earlier than the public for an additional reservation fee.

In addition to the official release, the gaming franchise also announced that Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen will be featured as the cover athlete this year.

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