Jerry Jones responds to why Jimmy Johnson isn't in Cowboys' Ring of Honor yet 

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

After roughly 30 Super Bowl-less years, Cowboys fans regard Jimmy Johnson as something of a legend. The former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys led the team to two Super Bowls. However, after a falling out with the team following the 1993 season, 'America's Team' only went on to reach one more Super Bowl.

As such, many are shocked that the head coach hasn't been added to the Cowboys Ring of Honor yet, a list of past greats circling AT&T Stadium. In an interview with NBCDFW's Newy Scruggs via Pro Football Talk, Jerry Jones appeared to be frustrated with anyone questioning the lack of a move:

“It’s BS for anybody to be making anything (of that). I’ve said I’m going to put him in. Now, when I put him in, and the circumstances and what I do with that, there’s a lot more than Jimmy to think about here. And I’ve got a lot of other lives out here that have laid a lot on the line on the field that need to be in that Ring of Honor as well."
Jerry Jones says that he is "carefully considering" where to go next with the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor.If only there was a Pro Football Hall of Famer (idk like Jimmy Johnson as an example) who was a huge part of the team that would be a perfect candidate to put in !

He went on to say that he will get it done when he's ready and not whether the head coach is getting impatient:

"And so how I do that, what I do it with, I get to make that decision. And it isn’t at the end of the day all tailored around whether Jimmy is sniveling or not.”
Last year at the opening of training camp, Jerry Jones became emotional when speaking about Jimmy Johnson and their failed partnership and the owner took responsibility for it. Now he characterizes the two-time SB winner as sniveling when explaining why he’s not in ROH.…

Jimmy Johnson's career and Cowboys Dynasty

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys

Jimmy Johnson's time in football traces back to 1965 when he was brought on as an assistant coach for Louisiana Tech. Per Pro Football Reference, from 1965 to 1988, he stuck with college football. It wasn't until 1989 that he joined the National Football League at the age of 46.


He started at the top of the coaching tree as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. In his first season with the team, the coach went 1-15 as he took his rookie lumps. However, in 1990, he jumped to a 7-9 record. In 1991, his team went positive for the first time, going 11-5. In 1992, he went 13-3 and won his first Super Bowl.


In a rare feat, he returned to the big game and won once again in 1993. Following the 1993 season, Johnson stepped away from the league. After two full years off, he returned as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He never posted a losing record, going 36-28 with the team. He retired from the league in 1999 at the age of 56.

According to the FOX Sports website, Johnson joined the team in 2002 as an analyst for the network. Since then, he's served to educate and inform the public about the game he spent roughly 30 years coaching.

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