Josh Allen comes in defense of Stefon Diggs after Bills WR raises uncertainty around his future - “I fu**ing love him”

Josh Allen has spoken about the uncertain situation with Diggs.
Josh Allen has spoken about the uncertain situation with Diggs.

The future of Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs is murky at best. With Buffalo now beginning mandatory minicamp, Diggs was nowhere to be seen. There were reports that Diggs was in the building for minicamp, per Tom Pelissero on the Rich Eisen Show as he spoke to Diggs' agent.

After head coach Sean McDermott spoke to the media and called it very concerning that Diggs wasn't at minicamp, it was Josh Allen's turn to face the music.

With so much uncertainty as to why Stefon Diggs isn't at minicamp, Allen made sure to get across how much Diggs means to him and the organization.

Allen said via Sports Illustrated:

“I know, internally, we are working on some things, not football-related,” Allen said. “(Stefon) is my guy. I f---ing love him. He’s a brother of mine. This does not work, what we’re doing here, without him.”


With Allen stating that Diggs' absence isn't football-related, naturally, speculation is rife with what the actual reason is that he wasn't present for mandatory minicamp.

Due to his current contract situation, it can't be due to wanting more money, and it is likely that we will never know the real reason why Diggs isn't playing ball.

The Stefon Diggs situation is puzzling

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games
2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games

To say that Diggs' situation is puzzling might be the understatement of the year. From most reports, there isn't any clear reason as to why he wouldn't be present for minicamp.


The last time we saw Stefon Diggs on the football field, there was a rather heated coming-together between Allen and himself on the sidelines. We aren't sure what Allen means by non-football related and there have been reports of communication being a major reason for the receiver's absence.


Now, it is clutching at straws a bit to try and draw any conclusions based on McDermott and Allen's press conferences, and in truth, they will not tell the media anything about the current situation.

Diggs doesn't seem to be pushing for a move away or want more money, so it feels like something in-house has gone on that needs to be rectified.

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