"Tiger Woods to me is more entertaining than Tom Brady" - NFL analyst claims golf legend is a better crowd puller than Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB

Tiger Woods The Masters - Final Round
Tiger Woods The Masters - Final Round

This past weekend, at Augusta National, Tiger Woods returned to the Masters after suffering a leg injury in a car accident in February 2021.

Although Woods didn't win the tournament, it was a thrilling moment for the golf icon and his fans.

NFL analyst John Middlekauff said watching Tiger Woods return to golf was more exciting than watching Tom Brady.

Middlekauff said this about Woods and Brady on his podcast 3 and Out:

" Like when Tom plays in big games. I expect Tom to be sweet. Hell! His last pass against the Rams, how good did he look in that final game? At the end of the game? It's like Tom is awesome. Like watching Tiger Woods is like an experience. We had no clue what it was gonna look like. And he's limping around. He's grimacing in pain. It's incredible theater. Like ultimately, Tom Brady. I f***ing love Tom Brady. I've always envisioned if I ever introduced myself to Tom like what I'd want to talk to Tom about?"

Middlekauff continued to compare Woods' return to that of Brady's:

"Because I think he's very, I have a lot of admiration for a lot of everything he stands for in terms of work ethic. And obviously same thing with Tiger, but Tom specifically, you know, football and I've seen him live several times. When I was with the Eagles. We played him once. He killed us. But like when Tom plays he just looks like Tom Brady, and he dominates ... Tiger has looked different like seven times in his career. I think...Tiger is better theater. Now football is a bigger movie. But I think Tiger to me is more entertaining than Tom."

Woods finished +13 at the Masters, but the most important thing was seeing him play again.

Watching Tiger Woods play is an experience

Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl LV
Tom Brady winning another Super Bowl LV

No matter how you feel about Tiger Woods, it was amazing to see him return to the golf course 14 months after his accident.

Many questioned if he'd even come back to golf, but he did so in a dramatic fashion.

Watching Woods play is an experience, and many feel they are witnessing history every time he takes the course. Each win at a major puts him closer to breaking Jack Nicklaus' golf records. Watching Tom Brady play feels like we've seen it all before; it's just Brady being Brady.

And even though Tiger didn't win this time and finished out of contention, the fact that he was able to get out there and play again was exciting to see, and it makes fans hopeful that he is truly back.

With that being said, it's still lovely to see the greatest in their respective sports still able to play at a high level at their age.

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