"Please ignore this stupidity" - NFL fans blast former WR for claiming Michael Jackson would run circles around Elvis Presley

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Media Availability
Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Media Availability
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Former NFL receiver Torrey Smith caused quite the storm on social media with his latest post. The former Baltimore Ravens wideout took to Twitter to suggest that Elvis Presley was the most overrated performer in history.

The artist that Smith thinks is the best, and one that he feels would have run rings around 'The King' is Michael Jackson.

There is great debate as to who was the better of the two, with each being an icon of their generation. As expected, when Smith sent this tweet out, fans were quick to jump all over it. One fan named Alex called for everyone to ignore Smith's "stupidity".

"Please ignore this stupidity."
Please ignore this stupidity.…
@TorreySmithWR I’ll always be a Torrey smith fan but this take is wack. Like saying Lamar could run circles around Johnny U. What’s the point?
@TorreySmithWR I’m a huge MJ guy but that’s a really bad take. Elvis’ impact on rock and roll and culture was enormous. Without Elvis (and others of course), there’s no MJ.
@TorreySmithWR IMO No one did it better than James Brown
@TorreySmithWR Love you Torrey but this ain’t it. Elvis started singing late 1950’s and 60’s, Michael didn’t go solo till the late 70’s. Those are two different music eras you can’t compare them apples to apples 🤷‍♂️ don’t need to tear one down to build up the other
@TorreySmithWR MJ was amazing but Elvis was a groundbreaking performer the majority of America had never seen the likes of before.
@TorreySmithWR Terrible take. Elvis is the king 👑 rappers and pop icons all took bits and pieces from Elvis and to this day still sample his music. He knocked the doors 🚪 down for everyone to walk thru creatively #MicDrop
@TorreySmithWR Both from different eras can’t compare
@TorreySmithWR Come on Torrey , I won't take it from you MJ was a worldwide superstar!! He was an absolute legend . Elvis was in a completely different time period . He revolutionized music of his time . Terrible take to say he was the most overrated performer .
@TorreySmithWR Seriously? You have to be joking. Take a look at his performances in the 50s. He was literally years ahead of his time. A 60's musician performing in the 50s. His backup singers looked like Big Band singers. No way. Totally ahead of his time.

The 2022 NFL offseason has been one for the ages

This offseason has been wild for the NFL.
This offseason has been wild for the NFL.

The 2022 offseason has had just about everything. Some players received big contracts, others held out of mini camp and requested trades, while some got into legal problems.


Tyreek Hill was one receiver to land a big payday as he swapped Kansas City for Miami in a $120 million deal. Deebo Samuel requested a trade, although nothing has materialized since. Baker Mayfield finally got out of his Cleveland nightmare with other big-name players such as Von Miller signing for new teams.

Then there was the case of Deshaun Watson and his civil suits. The Browns quarterback setted 20 of his 24 civil suits and now awaits a ruling from the NFL regarding a possible suspension.


Some want him gone for the whole season, while others think half the season is adequate.

Jimmy Garoppolo, meanwhile, is still a 49er, something that seemed impossible two months ago. His playing future is the next to take center stage after Mayfield's move to the Carolina Panthers.

The NFL is the biggest sporting organization on the planet. Considering the offseason drama, the regular season has some catching up to do regarding newsworthy headlines.

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