"Probably the weirdest trade I've seen in my life" - NFL fans react to draft pick trade between Eagles and Saints

New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis and Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman
New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis and Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman

As we get closer to the NFL draft on Thursday, April 28, teams will look to move up in the draft and that's exactly what the New Orleans Saints did on Monday. The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade picks No. 16, 19, and 194 to the Saints. In exchange, they have taken picks No. 18, 101, 237, a 2023 first-round pick, and a 2024 second-round pick.

Essentially, the Saints got another first-round pick in this year's draft while sending a first in next year's draft back to the Eagles.

The Eagles will now have double firsts in the 2023 draft, which is expected to be a better and deeper QB draft than this year's. A trade like Monday's continues to show that the Eagles believe in Jalen Hurts and he will get another chance this season to become the Eagles’ QB solution for the future.

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The 2023 NFL Draft class is packed with more talent, especially at quarterback. So, if Hurts doesn't pan out this year, the Eagles will have more capital next year to trade up if they decide to do so.

The Saints believe they're just a few good players away from contending and making the playoffs. Therefore, selecting an extra player in this year's first-round could push a playoff run for them. The Saints could also possibly try to trade their two first-round picks to move up and select a QB.

The trade was baffling, with many believing the Eagles got the better of the Saints in terms of draft capital.

NFL Fans react to the unique Saints-Eagles trade

A Twitter handle named @HoodieRamey thinks that the trade which went down on Monday was the weirdest he's ever seen in his life.

@LoechnerNFL gave a breakdown and better understanding of the trade

@realeastonstone is confused by the trade details and his brain hurts.

@DarylEasleyCBS thinks this is a blockbuster trade from both sides.

@Ripamaru appears to think this was an odd trade for the New Orleans Saints.

@weburris thinks it was a smart trade and wishes his Cowboys made a smart trade like this.

@TalkPhillyJB thinks it looks like a crazy trade but knows it was good for the Eagles.

@bigjimbo93 thinks that his Eagles robbed the Saints with this trade.

@thebennatan thinks the Eagles will load up for Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in next year's draft if Jalen Hurts doesn't step up this season.

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