NFL trade rumors: 3 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should keep Michael Gallup

San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys

Will Michael Gallup stay or go?

The Dallas Cowboys have too many wide receivers on their hands and it's likely to be ticking away at their sanity. While some teams have issues using two solid receivers, the Cowboys have the opposite problem and have too many on the roster, which could lead to some issues in the near future.

With Amari Cooper signed long-term and CeeDee Lamb entering his second season, it leaves Michael Gallup as the only receiver not currently signed far into the future. In fact, the upcoming season is the last on his contract. Gallup has recently stated that he would like to stay in Dallas long-term.

With rumors swirling around that the Dallas Cowboys would be interested in trading Michael Gallup, the team insisted that they plan on keeping him. But after the 2020 season, will there be enough money to keep three starting wide receivers? What about the production for all three?

Could there be more reasons to keep Michael Gallup than to let him walk at the end of the 2020 season?

3 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should stick with Gallup

#1 Gallup is a playmaker

Yes, Michael Gallup is one of Dak Prescott's favorite targets. Even with Prescott out with a devastating ankle injury in 2020, Gallup was still able to have a solid season with 843 receiving yards and five touchdowns, slightly fewer than in 2019 when he had 1,107 and six touchdowns.

Even without his starting quarterback, Gallup was still able to make plays happen and help lead the Cowboys offense to be productive.

#2 Gallup makes it difficult for rival offenses

Michael Gallup's size and speed are competitive, even with his own teammates, Cooper and Lamb. Opposing defenses find it hard to cover the other receiving options, and with Gallup's speed it makes it even more difficult to have the necessary coverage against the Cowboys.

Gallup's speed has him down the field before the defense can decide who to have in coverage.

#3 Cowboys offense thrives on the pass game

The Dallas Cowboys offense went from a big rushing game to a big passing game in a matter of a few years. Running back Ezekiel Elliot's production has even seen a major hit the last two seasons as the offense has gone pass heavy. Dak Prescott likes to use his big arm to make plays happen as well as his legs in the past.

But with the recovery of the ankle injury still in the works, it's expected that his mobility may take a hit in 2021. Which would allow him to throw the ball even more often. Meaning, he needs as many receivers as possible to keep the ball in the air.

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