NFL Trade Rumors: Why one shouldn't buy in on Carson Wentz being with the Eagles in 2021

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz

Did Carson Wentz have anything to do with the head coaching change in Philadelphia? Three years after winning the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles fired head coach Doug Pederson.

Now according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Carson Wentz has a good shot at staying in Philadelphia and starting for the Eagles in 2021.

This may come as a shock to a lot of Philadelphia Eagles fans. The Eagles are a different football team when Jalen Hurts starts at quarterback.

Wentz has made it clear that he wants to be the guy in Philadelphia and will not play back up. So now the Eagles have quite a few crucial decisions to make.

Do they keep Wentz and deal Hurts? It's not likely that this happens because the Eagles are high on Jalen Hurts and the way he played during the 2020 NFL season.

Do they deal Carson Wentz after making everyone think he's staying? This is always a possibility with Philadelphia. If the Eagles are presented with the right deal, anything can happen.

One thing we all know is that Carson Wentz is not going to be okay with splitting snaps with Jalen Hurts during the 2021 NFL Season.

Wentz want all the snaps or trade him in 2021. This is why it's hard to believe that Carson Wentz will be with the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2021 NFL Season.

Why it's hard to believe Carson Wentz will be with the Eagles in 2021

Depending on who the Philadelphia Eagles hire as their head coach will play a big role on Carson Wentz. It will also depend on what offers they get for their starting quarterback.

If the deal is right and the new head coach isn't sold on Wentz, then he will most likely be traded.

When watching the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles' week 17 game, Carson Wentz looked disengaged. This could've been because Wentz and Pederson were not seeing eye-to-eye on anything.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reported during the NFL season that the relationship between Wentz and Pederson was fractured beyond repair.

Moreover, ESPN had just reported that Doug Pederson would be back as head coach in the 2021 NFL season. This is another example why it's hard to believe that Wentz will be back with the team.

Could the firing of Doug Pederson be the Eagles attempt to keep Wentz? This is another possibility but is it worth it? It's too late to turn back the hands of time and Pederson is now gone.

Now the Eagles have to live with their decision and either move forward with Carson Wentz or trade him and go all in on Jalen Hurts.

Either way it is going to be a long off-season for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fan base. With all the questions surrounding Wentz and all the he said she said malarkey, it is hard to say what is going on in Philadelphia.

Too many questions on the Wentz situation to buy in if he will be there in the 2021 NFL season.

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