NFL Twitter calls for Dan Snyder emails to be revealed after Jon Gruden's resignation

Is the NFL protecting Dan Snyder?
Is the NFL protecting Dan Snyder?

Daniel Marc Snyder, better known as Dan Snyder, is the Washington Football Team owner.

The businessperson purchased the team back in 1999 from Canadian-American Jack Kent Cooke.

Cooke passed away in 1997, and in his will, the recently deceased left the team and stadium to his foundation with instructions to sell it. Cooke's son, John Kent Cooke, tried to put in a competitive bid to keep the team in the family, but it instead went to local businessman Daniel Snyder and his associates for a, at the time, record-setting $800 million.

Since 1999, the NFL has appointed Snyder to six committees, including the Broadcast Committee, the Business Ventures Committee, the Digital Media Committee, the International Committee, the Stadium Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee. Snyder is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

More importantly, since 1999, Snyder has piled up many controversies. Among them are: suing season ticket holders during the 2008's Great Recession, filing a Defamation Suit against the newspaper Washington City Paper, the stubbornness regarding the team's former name, the removal of old-growth trees, and more recently, the workplace culture and sexual harassment exposed by a series of articles published by The Washington Post.

It is these articles that put Jon Gruden in boiling water, to put it mildly.

Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, and Jon Gruden controversy

During last Monday Night Football, The New York Times published an article containing leaked emails between then ESPN analyst Jon Gruden and former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen.

In the emails, Gruden uses homophobic, misogynist, and racist language.

Gruden resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders with a 10-year $100 million contract, after the revelation by The New York Times.

The emails published by The New York Times are part of an NFL investigation started by a series of articles published by The Washington Post in July 2020.

According to reports and reporters, the NFL gathered around 650,000 emails throughout its year-long investigation of the matter.

Gruden's resignation was widely accepted and deemed necessary by everyone following the case, but many are now asking why the leak only includes Gruden and Allen's emails.

Since the investigation started focusing on Snyder, where are the communications involving WFT's owner?

Many now believe the NFL is hiding Snyder's emails to protect him and the league itself, while using Allen and especially Gruden as convenient scapegoats.

Also fascinating: How quickly the Gruden emails have become public, while the all aspects of the league’s investigation into Dan Snyder have remained completely private.Lesson for everyone in the difference between the people who cash the checks, and those who write them.
A law firm was paid to investigate Washington Football Team. We didn’t see a single email from Dan Snyder and never a written report.Yet all of Gruden’s emails come out from an investigation he was even not the subject of. Strange until you remember that OWNERS run the league.
Jon Gruden’s offensive emails were selectively leaked from a trove of 650,000 emails collected by the NFL as part of its workplace misconduct inquiry of the Washington Football Team. Where are the rest of the toxic emails, including any that were sent or received by Dan Snyder?
Jon Gruden’s comments confirm what many of us have long known to be true: People in power speak differently behind closed doors. This goes beyond him, and the NFL should release their findings on the WFT under Dan Snyder. (via @FirstTake)

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