"Not this bulls**t again" - Cowboys fans lose it after Brett Maher misses another extra point

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

Brett Maher seems to be the only thing going wrong with the Dallas Cowboys these days. He was consistent in the regular season with his conversions and field goals and was one of the most dependable performers, even when others struggled. Now, it seems to have flipped in the playoffs.

In the last game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round, Brett Maher missed four extra points. It got to a point when the Cowboys took a chance on a fourth-and-four that resulted in a touchdown. Dallas fans would have hoped he would have gotten over his yips by the time the game against the San Francisco 49ers came around.

But that does not seem to have happened. After the Dallas Cowboys put in a drive to go ahead 6-3 by scoring a touchdown, Brett Maher missed yet another conversion. His attempt was blocked. However, it looked like had it not been blocked, it would have gone wide left anyway.

Brett Maher is 1/6 on PATs this post season after missing hereIf this kick wasn’t blocked, it still wouldn’t have been good.

Dallas Cowboys fans were understandably frustrated with this development. They cannot keep missing points without it costing them either in this game or in future games. They made their feelings clear on social media.

Not this bullshit again
Everybody can kick but Maher 😡
We need to fire Maher already.
Brett Maher has a clinical case of the yips. Like medical journal shit.
this would be the most fucking Cowboys shit ever manteam is finally good enough to win and Brett Maher’s brain shuts off in the playoffs
Holy shit Maher is TOAST right now!!!!!
Yep. That Maher kick would've missed left. He's mentally shot - at least on extra points. I still believe he could make a longer field goal.
Maher confidence shot he not even driving the ball no more 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤠
Maher sucks, no way they going with him
Our kicker sucks lmaooool damnit maher

The life of Brett Maher: unnoticed when good, in the eye of the storm when he misses

Kickers are never really noticed in an NFL game. When they score, it is taken for granted. But when they miss, that is when their importance comes to the fore.

The San Francisco 49ers knew this and tried to get in Maher's head before the game. His latest miss would not have helped his confidence either. It does not help that the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has now decided to pile on while Brett Maher is down. It's not something one expects from a leader, but one can understand his frustration as a follower.

Guarantee Maher can Govern better…

To give some perspective on Brett Maher's struggles, this is a professional who has been in the league since 2013. He has a 93% conversion rate in his career on extra points.

I'm seeing Brett Maher +250 to miss an extra point this weekend. What a horrendous price. That implies around a 30 percent chance. Maher is 134/144 all-time. 93 percent. +250 is comical.

In just this game, where Dak Prescott threw two interceptions in the first half, it could be said that the quarterback was responsible for keeping the opposition in the game. Both interceptions set up field goal attempts. But such is the life of a kicker: only noticed when bad, and completely ignored when good.

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