"Tony Dungy is a legit a**hat," "Why in the world is he broadcasting a Pats game?" - Patriots fans slam former Colts HC for biased commentary during New England's game vs. Vikings on Thanksgiving 

Fans weren
Fans weren't happy about Tony Dungy filling in for Cris Collinsworth during the Thanksgiving primetime matchup.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy was in the booth on Thursday night as the Minnesota Vikings hosted the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night in primetime.

Dungy and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett were alongside Mike Tirico as Cris Collinsworth had the night off. Both he and Garrett are typically in the NBC Sports studio where they give pre-game and halftime commentary.


NFL fans weren't happy with the decision to put the former Bucs and Colts head coach in the booth on Thursday night. When taking to their Twitter accounts, many believed that his commentary and opinions didn't coincide with what was happening on the field. Others thought that Dungy's experience coaching in the AFC against the New England Patriots made him more biased against Bill Belichick and his team.

Dungy even questioned some of Belichick's time management decisions throughout the game, which had Patriots fans fuming at points.

Other NFL fans questioned the decision-making by NBC to have both the former head coaches in the booth with Tirico in Collinsworth's absence. The response from NFL fans on social media may have NBC rethinking the next time they decide to have the former head coach call a game.

Caution: Some tweets contain use of offensive language

Tony Dungy is a legit asshat.
Tony Dungy is on record many times with many comments hating on the New England Patriots. So why in the world is he broadcasting a Pats game? Is he even a color commentator? Was Bart Scott, Eric Mangini and Marshall Faulk all unavailable? #NEvsMIN
The Patriots kept beating the Patriots, Tony Dungy couldn’t hide his hatred for the Patriots & made the broadcast insufferable… and the Patriots got a tough whistle all night long. Almost everything about that game was gross.
O/U on Tony Dungy saying a call should go against the Patriots: 5:00 of the 1st quarter. That hatred never goes away
Tony Dungy is insufferable. He clearly dislikes the Patriots.
No one:Absolutely no one: NBC execs “let’s have Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett on Sunday night football every week & call a thanksgiving game”
Tony Dungy and Jason Garrett on the call????
Just a reminder.Tony Dungy coached perhaps the most loaded defense and offense in the history of the sport in Tampa and Indy and won one title. Most overrated coach of all time.
@NFL Tony Dungy when the refs miss a call on the vikings: "patriots need to be better"Tony Dungy when the refs miss a call on the pats: "the refs missed one"
*Patriots having a ton of success passing the ball*Tony Dungy: “I’d like to see the Patriots try and run the ball more”
Tony Dungy disagreeing with Bill Belichick’s clock management is pure comedy. Guy put you in a blender for a decade. Just keep those comments to yourself buddy.

When was Tony Dungy a head coach in the NFL?

Tony Dungy played college football at the University of Minnesota, where he was a quarterback. He went undrafted but signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers and switched positions to defensive back. He won Super Bowl XIII as a member of the Steelers.

After his playing career, he went into the coaching realm and was a defensive backs coach for both Minnesota and Pittsburgh. After two seasons as the position coach for the Steelers, he was promoted to defensive coordinator, a position he held from 1984-1988.

After then working with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings, he was hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to be the head coach in 1996. After six seasons and a 54-42 record as head coach of the Bucs, the team decided to part ways with him and hired Jon Gruden.

The team made it to the playoffs four times under Dungy but were unable to make it to the Super Bowl. The Buccaneers and Gruden went on to win Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

In January 2002, he was hired to be the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. With Peyton Manning at quarterback, the Colts went to the playoffs each season during his tenure.

In the first four seasons, the Colts lost in the Wild Card round once, the divisional series twice, and the championship series once. The Colts finally won the Super Bowl in 2006. Dungy was the head coach throughout the 2008 season. He has since worked with NBC Sports.

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