Tom Brady's massive $375 million FOX contract worth more than Tony Romo and Troy Aikman's deals combined

The broadcasting contract Tom Brady just got is more than double Tony Romo's deals combined
The broadcasting contract Tom Brady just got is more than double Tony Romo's deals combined

Tom Brady was able to more than double the amount Tony Romo has made in his broadcasting career in just a single deal. Brady's historic contract to be the leading Fox Studio Analyst when he retires is the largest such deal of its kind in sports broadcasting history.


Tom Brady is Fox's answer to ESPN poaching their two highest-profile personalities, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, who will become the voices of Monday Night Football when their rights are acquired by their new employers.

Brady's salary is not just more than his former QB peer Romo, but it is also more than the aforementioned ESPN-bound pair, who have been on the air for more than a decade and have a fistful of Super Bowl appearances in the booth under their belt.

According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Brady will also be a "company ambassador who will help in sponsorships and promotional activities." Essentially, Brady will be one of the main faces of Fox and would, presumably, appear across their various networks.


Marchand detailed the broadcasting whirlwind that has taken place this offseason with Amazon becoming an NFL broadcast partner that already has a monster deal that expires in the 2030s:

"This offseason, the shakeout continued with Amazon’s arrival. First, it signed the legendary Al Michaels as its play-by-player before pursuing Aikman as his color man. After Aikman went to ESPN, Amazon was going to offer Super Bowl champion Rams coach Sean McVay $20 million per year to call the games, but he stayed on the sidelines. Instead, Michaels will be teamed with ESPN college analyst Kirk Herbstreit."

When Tom Brady would start as a commentator is still unknown

Tom Brady has speculative money from this contract that he could use to borrow against when looking for investors in the various ventures he is already pursuing, including a clothing line with Kim and Khloe Kardashian.

He also has a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still paying him $15 million this coming season, and he could sign another deal next offseason with a team like the Dolphins, given Brady and Miami's well-known mutual interest.

Brady's broadcasting deal with Fox likely means that his pursuit of an ownership role with the Dolphins franchise is out of the question. When he starts behind the booth is dependant on when the QB G.O.A.T. hangs up his helmet, pads, and cleats for good.

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