"Tom Brady's accuracy rating is probably the first thing I'll adjust" - Peyton Manning declares the first thing he'll change as Madden Ratings Adjustor

Peyton Manning as the new Madden Ratings Adjustor (photo via
Peyton Manning as the new Madden Ratings Adjustor (photo via

Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning has dabbled at quite a few "retirement" jobs since stepping away from the National Football League. Manning and younger brother Eli's Manningcast, an alternate Monday Night Football broadcast, has become widely popular among fans.

But it seems that Peyton Manning is adding another job to his impressive resume. Posted to the NFL's official Twitter page on Friday, Peyton Manning is now the newest Madden Ratings Adjustor. The Tweet, which is captioned, "The Sheriff is making a comeback" is a nod to Manning's nickname while he was playing.

Manning says in the introductory video that his first order of business may be to take a closer look at Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady's Madden rating.

"I did especially think that Brady's accuracy rating was just a bit high. That'll probably be one of the first things I address."
The Sheriff is making a comeback 😏@EAMaddenNFL

Peyton Manning makes his debut as the Madden Ratings Adjustor

The NFL video, featuring Peyton Manning speaking about his latest football venture, has cameos from broadcasters Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels talking about his love of the game and what will make him a good adjustor.

Former NFL wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, a former Ratings Adjustor himself, also made a cameo, expressing his concern about Peyton Manning's bias when rating other NFL quarterbacks.

"Honestly, we're a little concerned with Peyton taking some liberties with rating other quarterbacks."

Peyton Manning insisted that he wouldn't show any bias when rating the other quarterbacks and then, jokingly, looked at the camera and winked.

"Of course I plan on being completely unbiased with my ratings."

Peyton Manning made his official debut as the Madden Ratings Adjustor this past Sunday as the Denver Broncos hosted the Los Angeles Chargers. Manning made his first adjustments as he increased the Madden rating of Broncos cornerback Patrick Surtain II to a score of 80.

Back after the bye with another Syd's Vids!This week's episode includes interviews with @PatSurtainll and Eric Saubert and gives you a behind the scenes look at Peyton Manning as a Madden Ratings Adjuster.

Peyton Manning was also impressed by Los Angeles Chargers safety Darwin James Jr., increasing his Madden score to a 92.

Peyton Manning, who was never featured on the front of Madden, has said that he was also aware of his Madden rating when he was playing the game and that his teammates were also really interested in it as well. He said that he plans to take his job very seriously as the adjustor.

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