Tom Brady in talks to star in Netflix roast special 'Greatest roast of all time'

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Could Tom Brady be working with Netflix?

Could recently retired Tom Brady have found his next path? With the quarterback set to do nothing until 2024 when he joins the FOX broadcast crew, he may have found something to do in the meantime.

TMZ is reporting that while the legendary quarterback isn't going to pursue a career in stand-up comedy, he may soon partake in a bit of comedy on Netflix's roast titled "The Greatest Roast of All Time" soon.

Their sources indicate that the rumors about Brady becoming a comedian are false, but that he is in talks with Netflix regarding the roast. It's currently unclear what his role would be and how involved he would be, but he is in talks with the streaming titan.


Brady has had comedic appearances before. He has hosted Saturday Night Live and worked on comedy movies like Ted 2 and Living with Yourself, which is also a Netflix project.

Brady intends on taking this year to catch up on parts of his life that have been missing throughout his legendary and incredibly lengthy NFL career. Following that, he's heading straight to FOX.

Is Tom Brady going to stay retired?

A year is a long time for Tom Brady to spend simply catching up on life. Many retired athletes feel restless when they walk away and it's certainly an adjustment to go from the rigorous schedule of an athlete to so much free time.


That has prompted rumors of his return to the NFL. Since his contract with DOX is delayed until 2024, he could return. Some NFL analysts, like ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, believe there's a genuine shot he returns.

Will Tom Brady stay retired?
Will Tom Brady stay retired?

However, it's still very unlikely. He already played the trick once and he stated when he retired this time that it was for good.

He wasn't the same player and he probably doesn't want to come back and play even worse next season.

It's better to go out on top, but Brady didn't do that. Now, it's unlikely that he'd risk going out on an even darker note than he did this year after he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went 8-9 and lost in blowout fashion in the playoffs.

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