What did Brett Favre do? Hall of Fame QB ordered to return welfare money or face civil charges

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 3
SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIV - Day 3
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Brett Favre is now trending, and not for anything that will paint the legendary quarterback in a great light. Favre being surrounded by controversy isn't anything new as he has been in the spotlight this year for his opinions on the current pandemic in which the world still finds itself.

Now Favre has come under fire for something completely different. Apparently, the quarterback is now said to owe 828,000 USD in welfare funds that were meant to go to needy families in Mississippi.

Is Brett Favre involved in an embezzlement scam?

Brett Favre allegedly accepted this money from some non-profit companies for the reason of speaking at events. Favre never showed up to the said events and accepted the money anyway. The total was in the range of 1.1 million USD.

NEW: The Mississippi State Auditor is demanding that Brett Favre return $828,000 he received in "illegally spent welfare funds" that should have gone to needy families.But Favre is not among the six facing criminal charges for the…

Favre claimed that he did not know about the illegal nature of the money that he had accepted. Taking in money for a public appearance and not appearing should have told Favre all he needed to know. That money would likely have to be paid back regardless of the illicit activity it is now linked to.

The founder of two non-profits that sent Favre money is now being indicted on state and federal charges in the state's largest case of embezzlement. The money that was sent to Favre is now part of the total damages in this case.

Although Favre reportedly returned some of the money in 2020 as a show of "good faith," it would appear that may have been the only payment that the state received from Favre Enterprises.

The state contacted Favre and stated that he "must repay the money within 30 days or face a civil lawsuit."

Favre doesn't seem to be part of the embezzlement issues and accepted the money with the intention that it had not been linked to this case. However, accepting money for services not rendered is still wrong.

Brett Favre still hasn’t repaid Mississippi for his no-show gig

Now Favre must dig into his pockets and turn over the 828,000 USD that was initially meant for needy families. Such a case is definitely not something that he will want his name attached to for much longer.

With as much drama going on within the league, Favre would do well to return the money as soon as possible. Otherwise, he could face a whole host of other issues in his post-NFL career.

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