What happened to Vikings DE Everson Griffen?

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings

Everson Griffen seems to be in a bit of trouble. Not the kind of legal trouble that sadly surrounds plenty of NFL players, but it seems that he is battling a more concerning mental health issue that has led the Vikings to intervene.

Early this morning, Griffen sent some cryptic text messages to his agent. Most of the said messages contained the word "help." There is no telling what is going on with Griffen currently, but mental health is an important aspect that should not be ignored by anyone.

Shortly after the text messages were exchanged, the Minnesota Vikings team intervened and is said to have sent officials to Griffen's home.

What did the text messages from Everson Griffen say?

Ari Meirvo first reported the exchanges between Griffen and his agent, which also included a statement from the Vikings. Some of the text messages look to be a bit jibberish, but "help" was embedded within a few.

Just seeing the word "help" can be enough for anyone to be concerned for the safety of the person sending said text messages. The Vikings' statement also indicated that they rushed to Griffen's home and made sure that he was not causing harm to himself or his family. They also made sure that these death threats claimed by Griffen are not factual either.

#Vikings DE Everson Griffen posted screenshots of text messages with his agent and a disturbing video on his Instagram overnight.The team has released the following statement:

What is most concerning about these erratic text messages, besides the cry for help, is that Griffen has stated in both texts and on Instagram that someone is trying to kill him. None of these threats have been confirmed, but they are concerning nonetheless.

Everson Griffen’s most recent Instagram story???? What????? 😳😳😳

Hopefully, this is just a case of possible alcohol consumption, and nothing truly life-threatening. Everson Griffin may be in trouble, but things could just be due to the pressure that a lot of NFL players typically feel. The stress of the game affects every player differently.

There is also the rise of CTE among former and active players that plays a huge part in the mental health and state of plenty of players. This is all speculation, but things to consider when a player sends out concerning cries for help. Hopefully, Griffen and his family are completely safe.

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