What makes Patrick Mahomes so special? Mike Florio gives damning analysis

Mike Florio raved about Patrick Mahomes
Mike Florio raved about Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented quarterbacks to ever touch a football. Despite having only played for six seasons and started for five, he's already one of the most accomplished. Most people watching the NFL today can generally agree that he is special.

This was evident at the Super Bowl, where a banged-up Mahomes led his team past a superior opponent. Mike Florio, an NFL analyst, might have some insight as to what makes the quarterback so special.

Florio raved about Mahomes:

"He's got every attribute you could ever want in a quarterback, every single one of them everything, and the highest praise that I can give him to considering everything he's accomplished."

He continued:

"When I talk to him, he's never changed. He's still the same guy was coming in, the fame hasn't changed and success hasn't changed. And he doesn't have an attitude. The money hasn't changed. And he's just there's a consistency there. And there's that. He just, he loves it. And he's got everything you could ever ask for in a quarterback."

Obviously, Mahomes' physical traits help. He has a cannon of an arm and incredible athletic ability. He's also insanely smart and has learned how to dissect defenses with his brain as much as his body.

However, per Florio, there's a lot of intangible factors for Mahomes that set him apart. He may not win seven Super Bowls like Tom Brady, but he is certainly very special.

Is Patrick Mahomes the greatest quarterback to ever do it?

Even just five starting seasons in, Patrick Mahomes may already be a Hall of Famer. Two MVPs, two Super Bowl rings and MVPs and stunning statistical totals are sometimes all one needs.

Patrick Mahomes is special
Patrick Mahomes is special

He will continue to get those until he retires and there's a real chance he wins the most MVP awards of any NFL player. He may also win quite a few Super Bowls, too.


It's hard to say which NFL player is the greatest, but Mahomes is one of them and will have a strong case for the greatest when it's all said and done.

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