When could Lamar Jackson switch to XFL? Former NFL MVP sets timeline on debut in Dwayne Johnson’s league

Is Lamar Jackson going to the XFL?
Is Lamar Jackson going to the XFL?

Is Lamar Jackson going to the XFL? The former NFL MVP has had a terrible time in free agency thus far (even though it hasn't technically begun) as rumors abound and the Baltimore Ravens don't appear ready to give in to his demands.

This has prompted requests from fans to see him transition over to Dwayne Johnson's new league. One fan took to Twitter to ask the star quarterback if he'd be moving over any time soon.

Jackson gave the fan a timeline, but it's not going to happen any time soon.

"When I’m 60 maybe.. NFL gone be much more physical around that time so I wouldn’t dare but XFL hmmm maybe."

By the time Jackson is 60, he will probably be 20 years removed from an NFL career at a minimum. He's likely not ever going to play in the XFL, and this was his cheeky response to the fan who dared to ask.

Jackson is one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL. If he doesn't get what he wants from the Ravens, someone else will surely give it to him.


There would be absolutely no reason for him to switch over to the league unless he just wanted to dominate it for fun. The XFL is full of NFL hopefuls, so Jackson would probably be the best player by far.

Where will Lamar Jackson sign?

The idea that Lamar Jackson will not be in Baltimore for the 2023 NFL season continues to gain traction. With negotiations going nowhere and rumors flying, there's never been a stronger chance he will end up elsewhere.


However, as unwilling as the Ravens are to give him what he wants, they still know how valuable Lamar Jackson is to their team. Without him, they have nothing on offense, so they need him if they want to continue contending.

Lamar Jackson probably won't leave the Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson probably won't leave the Baltimore Ravens

Given that they probably do, it's safe to assume he will eventually sign with the team he was drafted by and remain a Raven for the foreseeable future.

Other options are certainly possible, but it's still more likely than not that he will stay in Baltimore.

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