Who is Jenna Berman? Nick Bosa's girlfriend appears to confirm break-up on social media

Berman and Bosa have reportedly now gone their separate ways.
Berman and Bosa have reportedly now gone their separate ways.

It appears that Nick Bosa and his girlfriend, TikTok and Instagram star Jenna Berman, have parted ways. This week, Berman took to TikTok and posted a video with a rather interesting message. That message was clearly directed at the San Francisco 49ers superstar.

Berman's message read:

"When he gives you the silent treatment but doesn’t know you can play that game 10x better. Bye forever."

As per Outkick, when a fan commented on her TikTok video and wrote that the defensive end would end up marrying someone else, Berman replied with one word: "Good."

Watch her TikTok message here.

Jenna Berman has courted controversy in the past

Jenna Berman is a famous TikTok and Instagram influencer. At the time of writing, she has over a million followers on TikTok and around 250,000 on Instagram.

She recently landed in hot water over some homophobic tweets that surfaced online.

Born in 1996, Berman and her sisters are the owners and founders of a dessert shop called Berman Sisters Cookie Co., according to She went to school at Florida Atlantic University.

Nick Bosa and Tom Brady suffer similar fate

Tom Brady too endured a break in relationship
Tom Brady too endured a break in relationship

Both the defensive end and the seven-time Super Bowl champion have seen their respective relationships end over the last few weeks.

While the 49ers star's was a break-up, Brady's, as we know, was a divorce from the woman he spent 13 years with. That's a bit of a difference. Still, it hasn't been the best couple of weeks for NFL stars off the field.


While the relationship between Nick Bosa and Jenna Berman only started in 2021, Brady and Bundchen were together for over a decade. However, that doesn't mean Bosa's break-up will hurt any less.

For Bosa, he will now concentrate on trying to get his team to yet another post-season and hopefully a Super Bowl.

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