"My boy Josh Allen needs his justice" - NFL fans rejoice at league approving rule change to OT 

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

NFL fans received a pleasant surprise Tuesday when the league voted to change its overtime rules.

29 of 32 NFL owners voted in favor of the change. The new rule poses that each team must have a possession before the game can end. However, the new overtime rule will only apply to the 2022 postseason.

Despite that, a large contingent of NFL fans rejoiced over the news. Buffalo Bills fans, in particular, were ecstatic about the change after their overtime loss last postseason.

Nick Fowl was just one Bills fan who voiced their excitement and proclaimed that Josh Allen needs justice after suffering a heartbreaking defeat in January.

Another Bills fan, Kyle Nap, gave credit to Allen for inspiring the rule change as Allen's performance inspired fans to want to see more offense on the field.

Many NFL fans felt grateful the league listened to their requests. After the Bills' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime in January, a change to the overtime rules was at the top of many fans' wish lists.

Max Millington responded to the contingent of fans who disapproved of the rule change, with the sentiment that it's impossible to please everybody.

Jeremy Schilling thanked whatever inspired the owners to approve the change after it felt like momentum on that front had cooled in recent weeks.

More NFL fans joined in to commend the NFL for taking a chance on the new rules.

Many fans felt the change was long overdue even before the Bills' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

While many NFL fans approved, one fan questioned why the rule only applies to the postseason. The league could revisit this change next offseason and apply it, depending on its effectiveness in the playoffs.

One NFL fan commented that the games will likely be more exciting to watch.

Finally, one Philadelphia Eagles fan claimed his team and the Indianapolis Colts should be thanked for proposing the rule change.

NFL fans will get more competitive playoff games

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs

As a result of the new rule change, NFL postseason games will lessen the impact of who wins the coin toss. Scoring a touchdown won't mean the game is over until the other team has a chance to do the same.

In a way, this gives a slight advantage to whoever receives the ball second. They can decide whether they need an extra point or two-point conversion depending on the first team's choice.

Whether you're a fan of the new rule or not, there's no question it will give playoff games a new level of strategy.

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