Peyton Manning calls Patriots cheaters? NFL great admits being nervous about bugged locker rooms

Peyton Manning as a member of the Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning as a member of the Indianapolis Colts

Long before the Deflategate scandal came forth, the New England Patriots were involved in another cheating scandal called Spygate. The NFL disciplined the Patriots for videotaping defensive signals from New York Jets coaches from an unauthorized location during a game between the two teams in 2007.

Peyton Manning is arguably the biggest rival the Patriots have had since the turn of the century. Now Manning has his own Monday Night Football broadcast and he's free to talk about whatever, including his views on the Patriots.

Peyton Manning took the internet by storm Monday night in the broadcast booth. Manning brought up Spygate in an unsubtle manner when discussing the Green Bay Packers offense.

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Peyton Manning feared the Patriots had bugged his locker

Peyton Manning discussed the Packers rushing the ball more than they did in Week 1. The conversation took a sharp left turn when Peyton Manning mentioned the Patriots. He said on the broadcast:

"I feel like the Packers were listening to, Eli, you and I, our conversation on Friday about how they got to come out and run the ball. I think our conversation was bugged, kinda like the Patriots used to do back in the day."

Younger brother Eli Manning joined in on the fun immediately after. The younger Manning has his rivalry with the Patriots, beating them twice in the Super Bowl in 2008 and 2012.

Eli asked Peyton if he was worried after the Patriots practiced in the Indianapolis Colts facility ahead of the 2012 Super Bowl. Peyton fed off Eli's question and went further into detail on the impact Spygate had on him.

"Every time I played against New England, I used to go and talk to my receivers in the shower, in the far corner. I'm like 'Don't talk about a player next to my locker, because I know it's bugged. I know it's got a hot mic in there.' Very strange to see seven guys hanging out back there in the shower, but I take all precautions."

The Manning brothers have made headlines in the MNF booth

By bringing up Spygate, Peyton Manning solidified what many NFL fans have thought through the past two weeks. Having the Manning brothers on their broadcast is a breath of fresh air for a lot of fans.

They're allowed to be their authentic selves without a host moderating them. They've gone in-depth about the X's and O's while providing their insight. What makes the broadcast feel unique is the rotating cast of guests throughout the games. Immediately after Spygate was discussed, former Patriot Rob Gronkowski joined the broadcast.

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The laid-back nature of the broadcast may not be for everyone. However, Peyton and Eli play their roles well. They have caught the eye of NFL fans who desire something different from an NFL broadcast.

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