NFL Rumors: Houston Texans to soften trade demands for Deshaun Watson after benching QB for Tyrod Taylor?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Quarterback Deshaun Watson has been vocal about the fact that he no longer wants to be a part of the Houston Texans organization. The impending legal issues that he is currently facing have put a damper on any trade going through.

Deshaun Watson has been at training camp but hasn't played in any preseason games. There are rumors that the Miami Dolphins were interested in trading for Watson. The Philadelphia Eagles were even said to be interested at some point, but have since traded for Gardner Minshew II from Jacksonville.

What will it take for the Houston Texans to trade for Deshaun Watson?

It has been rumored that the Houston Texans have had a high asking price for when it comes to trading quarterback Deshaun Watson. In their defense, there's good reason for that, when looking at Waston's resume so far in his young career. On paper, Watson has been one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League last season. Even as the Texans struggled last season, Watson still threw for a career-high 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns while rushing for 444 yards and another three touchdowns.

But it's the events that have transpired over the last few months that make the Texans trade demands hard to grasp. Although he isn't currently suspended by the NFL, ongoing lawsuits threaten Watson's potential to play in the NFL this season and perhaps even next season. Teams who are interested in Watson's talent are either hesitant to make a trade and/or don't want to give up too much in return for him, just in case he is suspended in the future.

Now that the Houston Texans have named Tyrod Taylor their starting quarterback, the team feels confident moving forward with him, what does that mean for Watson?

The best-case scenario for the Houston Texans would be to trade Deshaun Watson sooner rather than later. Watson played last season and not much time has passed since he's last taken the field, still making him a good option. The best thing for the Texans to do would be to lessen their trade demands for him.

Since Watson is technically not the starting quarterback anymore, the return on him should lower. The Texans should feel confident in getting any draft picks for him rather than not getting anything at all. Second and third round draft picks may get the deal done, instead of multiple first and or second. The Texans need to move Watson as soon as possible.

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