NFL Trade Rumors: Dallas Cowboys rule out trade for RB ahead of 2023 NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
The Dallas Cowboys rule out a Derrick Henry move

Rumors abound as to where star running back Derrick Henry will head next, but the Dallas Cowboys are apparently not an option. Though recent reports suggested that the team was looking into it, a team source has all but axed that idea.

The Cowboys let Ezekiel Elliott walk and decided to franchise tag Tony Pollard. They are also heavily linked to star running back prospect Bijan Robinson. A trade for a big-name running back when they still have Pollard in the backfield is unlikely.


A source for the team said of a trade:

"There's nothing there."

The source spoke to Sports Illustrated to try and put those rumors to bed. It appears that the Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles have both been linked to Derrick Henry but that neither team is presently likely to trade for him.

Both teams have also been linked to Robinson, but the Eagles pick well before the Cowboys thanks to their trade with the New Orleans Saints.

If not the Dallas Cowboys, who will trade for Derrick Henry?

If the Dallas Cowboys are out on Derrick Henry, that leaves a lot of teams an opening to potentially add the star running back. He's more than likely not going to stay with the Tennessee Titans.

Derrick Henry is not likely to be joining the Dallas Cowboys
Derrick Henry is not likely to be joining the Dallas Cowboys

The Miami Dolphins could stand to benefit from adding an elite running back. This would make their offense two-dimensional and nearly impossible to defend. Their duo of wide receivers and Henry would be the NFL's most dynamic offense.

The Buffalo Bills have also been searching for a dependable running game. With Henry, they could survive without a legitimate second wide receiver and open things up for Josh Allen and company.


The Eagles would also benefit. Part of what made them so dynamic was that they had an elite running game with Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, and Boston Scott. Sanders is gone now.

With Sanders in Carolina, there's room for Henry to make this Eagles team one of the best rushing offenses in NFL history. Several other teams could well make a move for Henry, though. Just don't consider the Dallas Cowboys among them.

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