Top 10 best-selling NFL jerseys in 2021

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Ian Van Roy

The 2020 NFL season is in the books. With the 2021 NFL season now imminent and the schedule for the new campaign revealed, fan preparations for 2021 are now underway. Fans are buying tickets, setting their new wallpapers, and getting new jerseys.

With so many people starting to buy jerseys, here is an updated look at the top ten NFL jersey sales for 2021 and a possible explanation of why each is selling so well. The rankings were sourced from

Best-selling NFL jerseys ahead of the new season

#1 - Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's back at the top of the NFL zeitgeist once again. Tim Tebow is the newest tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is one of the most famous people in the sport after playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets.

He also spent time with the New York Mets baseball team, ESPN, and is now a Jacksonville Jaguar. The purchases are risky as he is 34 years old and appears to be a longshot to make the final roster.

#2 - Justin Fields

Matt Nagy was with Andy Reid for a number of years before becoming the head coach of the Chicago Bears. The Bears got him in hopes that he could make their offense hum with Mitchell Trubisky, who was already there. The Bears made the NFL playoffs once with Trubisky.

Justin Fields is now waiting in the wings. Bears fans are hopeful that now that Matt Nagy has his guy, the Bears will have a top-tier offense. Will it work out?

#3 - Aaron Rodgers

Most of these NFL jersey sales must have come around the NFC championship, right? It seems a little risky to invest in a player who openly appears to be actively clawing his way out.

Fans could simply be living in denial over the situation or are flexing their faith that Aaron Rodgers will be back this fall. Lastly, fans could be seeing this as their last opportunity to get a new Rodgers jersey while he's still with the team.

#4 - Trevor Lawrence

It's amazing that a tight end deep on the depth chart is selling more jerseys than the number one pick. It is equally amazing that they are on the same team. Trevor Lawrence draws in a large number of Jaguars fans who bought a Gardner Minshew jersey and a Nick Foles Jersey.

#5 - Tom Brady

Tom Brady's been ranked near the top of most aspects of being a quarterback, including his jersey sales. Why should 2021 be any different? Tom Brady has seven Super Bowls and has been the face of the NFL for well over a decade. It would make sense for him to have one of the best selling jerseys.

#6 - Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is still extremely popular almost a decade after his drafting. Wilson's dominance in the NFL at the quarterback position year after year continues to gain new fans and new jersey sales. In 2020, Russell Wilson threw for 40 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

#7 - Najee Harris

Pittsburgh Steelers fans hope that Najee Harris will be the second coming of Le'Veon Bell. He was picked 24th overall in the 2021 NFL Draft. In college, Harris earned over 1200 yards in both of his last two seasons. He is a complete back who will be able to run and catch the ball.


#8 - Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert could be the savior of the Chargers' organization. His rookie year was electric. He was able to throw the ball accurately deep down the field and find open receivers while under pressure. He threw 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 2020 and is expected to be even better in 2021.

#9 - Joe Burrow

While Justin Herbert's rookie year was spectacular, Joe Burrow's was not. Burrow suffered an injury that ended his rookie season early. Cincinnati Bengals fans are hoping that Zac Taylor's Sean McVay-inspired offense clicks with Joe Burrow, who is entering his all-important second season.

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson

#10 - Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson is the best chance that the New York Jets have had since drafting Sam Darnold. New York Jets fans are hoping that Wilson and new head coach Robert Saleh will work well together to resurrect a franchise that has not been to the playoffs since Mark Sanchez. Saleh coached in Super Bowl LIV as the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers.

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