Top 5 NFL commentator duos

Mike Tirico
Mike Tirico
Ian Van Roy

While watching an NFL game, some viewers are appalled by the idea of listening to someone say what is happening onscreen. On the other hand, many cannot watch a game without commentary.

Viewers find some duos worth listening to and others worth muting. But some duos are iconic and are the voices behind some of the greatest plays in NFL history.

Here are five top NFL commentator duos.

Best NFL commentator duos

#1 - Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth have been the announcing team for NBC since 2009. Admittedly, Cris' overuse of praise for players can rub viewers the wrong way and make them question if he has anything critical to say.

However, Al Michaels steals the show and layers his voice over the game perfectly. The veteran has been commentating for over half a century and is among the most recognizable voices in sports.

#2 - Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico

ESPN's Monday Night Football changed when Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden started calling NFL games in 2009.

Jon Gruden's impatience with sloppy and lazy football contrasted with Tirico's business-like delivery and made for routinely interesting conversations. The contrast was fascinating to watch and helped viewers get through the (many) blowouts featured on the schedule.

The duo was rather short-lived as Tirico moved on in 2015 and Gruden went on to coach the Oakland Raiders a couple of years later.

#3 - Jim Nantz and Tony Romo

Before Tony Romo retired from football and joined Jim Nantz in the booth, it was Phil Simms who partnered with him. The combination of Nantz and Simms was featured in the Madden video games and contributed to the fatigue of the two.

However, Nantz and Romo's combination was captivating from day 1. Their chemistry and Romo's contagious excitement over big plays is now one of the highlights of NFL Sundays. Overall, watching a game with Jim Nantz and Tony Romo feels like watching a game with a couple of pals.

#4 - Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle is extremely underrated. His voice has become synonymous with THE early kickoffs on CBS.

When he sees something amazing, his excitement is palpable and contagious. Dan Fouts is extremely well-spoken and insightful for a color commentator.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

# 5 Joe Buck and Troy Aikman

Joe Buck's booming voice and his formulaic delivery of moment-to-moment action are some of the defining characteristics of an NFL Sunday.

Specifically, his commentary on Stefon Diggs hail mary conversion is one of the most iconic moments in NFL history.

Troy Aikman's takes are sometimes a struggle to understand, but Joe Buck usually says the right words to steer the conversation into an insightful one.

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