What can the Chiefs do to help Patrick Mahomes regain his MVP form?

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
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Patrick Mahomes currently leads the NFL with nine interceptions, including three games with multiple interceptions. That's part of the reason why the Chiefs have just a 3-4 record this season. Patrick Mahomes has struggled more this season than ever before in his career. Sunday's game against the Titans was the first time since he became the starter that the Chiefs didn't score a touchdown.

This is very uncharacteristic for Patrick Mahomes, who had been off to the best start to a career of any quarterback in NFL history. In just three seasons as a starter, he has already set multiple NFL records while also winning an NFL MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, a Super Bowl title and two AFC championships. The Chiefs were favored to win the AFC again this season and Patrick Mahomes was an early MVP favorite.

Patrick Mahomes has always tried to do way too much. He has gotten away with carelessness in the past but it hasn't worked out for him this season. He attempts passes regularly that no quarterback should. It seems as though he feels obligated to do it all for the Chiefs to win. When looking at the rest of their team dynamic, he might be right. They aren't built great and the pressure is negatively impacting him.

.@PatrickMahomes: "It's been rainbows and flowers and awesome these last few years but when you want to build something substantial and something great you're going to go through parts like this." @KCTV5

How the Chiefs can help Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs have two absolute superstars in the passing game. Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest NFL players of all time and Travis Kelce is the best receiving tight end in the NFL. They are excellent weapons but there are big issues with the offense as well. They lack a consistent rushing game and solid offensive line play. They are in the bottom ten in carries per game and poor in pass protection.

Solidifying the offensive line is a work in progress but needs to remain a priority. Establishing more of a rushing attack will go a long way to taking some of the pressure off of Patrick Mahomes. They have reportedly shown interest in trading for Marlon Mack and should seriously consider making that happen. Mahomes can't always do everything.

I'm told the #Chiefs, #Panthers, #49ers &/t #Saints are among teams that made preliminary inquiries for #Colts RB Marlon Mack over the last few weeks. Any teams potentially dealing for Mack would acquire his 2021 base salary of $1M fully guaranteed (prorated), per league source.

The other huge thing that could help relieve some of the pressure is improving the defense. The Chiefs rank 27th in points allowed per game and 28th in total defense. This forces Mahomes to feel like he has to score on every drive if the Chiefs want to win. He's not necessarily wrong about that. Improving the defense, possibly before the trade deadline, could contribute to the solution.

It's time for the Chiefs to better support their young franchise quarterback. It's not too late in the 2021 NFL season to turn things around. With a few simple tweaks, the Chiefs could get Patrick Mahomes back to playing at the NFL MVP level, as he usually does. If that happens, the Chiefs are more than capable of catching fire and making a run. Don't count them out of this season yet.

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