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What did Carlton Davis say? Bucs star unaware of anti-Asian slur, deletes tweet after backlash

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Walter Sharp
Modified 05 Apr 2021

Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis received a lot of backlash for the post he sent out on his Twitter account on Sunday. Davis quoted a lyric from a song that was made about Miami, Florida. The tweet was later deleted because of the backlash, but Carlton Davis didn't mean for it to blow up like it did.

Denzel Curry is a native of the Miami Gardens area and described the word as a form of empowerment for outcasts in society. He also emphasized that this was not meant as an anti-Asian racial slur. Carlton Davis' tweet read:

"Gotta stop letting g***s in Miami."

It's easy to see why Davis received so much backlash about the post. Once he realized he had made a mistake, he issued a public apology on his Twitter account. He added a definition of what the word means through Urban Dictionary.

With that being said, Let's take a look at the apology made by Carlton Davis and what he was trying to say in his Twitter post.

What did Carlton Davis say in his apology and what is the meaning behind the Twitter post?

Cleveland Browns v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cleveland Browns v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Immediately after deleting the post from his Twitter account, Carlton Davis issued a public apology. Carlton Davis had this to say in his apology:

"I would never offend any group of people. You reporters can look for another story to blow up. The term was directed towards a producer claiming he "ran Miami" With that being said I'll retire that word from my vocabulary giving the hard times our Asian family are enduring," Davis ended the post with a heart emoji.

According to Urban Dictionary, the term g***ks means this: A term commonly used in South Florida to describe a person who is lame. It is a synonym for lame, wack, fool or stupid.

Carlton Davis went on to say:

"I used the term that from where I come from has always meant "lame", but I did not realize it has a much darker, negative connotation. I have learned a valuable lesson and want to apologize to anyone that was offended by seeing that work because we need to focus on helping each other during these tough times."

It's understandable for the post to receive backlash, but it's also understandable that words can mean two different things. Does this make it right? No, but at the same time Carlton Davis realized the mistake he made. He didn't mean to hurt anyone and we should all understand and accept his apology.

Published 05 Apr 2021, 23:22 IST
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