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Who is Ashley Solis? First Deshaun Watson accuser reveals heartbreaking story about NFL star

Ashley Solis first woman to come out about Deshaun Watson
Ashley Solis first woman to come out about Deshaun Watson
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Modified 12 Apr 2021

Ashley Solis is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Houston, Texas. Solis only has an Instagram account for her business and has a website as well. On her Ashley Solis LMT website it says she specializes in therapeutic massages, prenatal massages, Ashiatsu massages, cupping therapy, Kinesiology tape, Blading therapy and she also has colita de rana pain relieving oils. On her Instagram page it says that she doesn't accept direct messages and she only conducts business through appointments.

With Ashley Solis breaking her silence on Tuesday, let's take a look at what she had to say about Deshaun Watson.

Ashley Solis breaks her silence about her encounter with Deshaun Watson

Ashley Solis breaks her silence and reveals her identity
Ashley Solis breaks her silence and reveals her identity

Ashley Solis started off the press conference with the statement:

"My name is Ashley Solis. Remember that name."

Solis claimed that Deshaun Watson acted inappropriately during a massage therapy session at her home on March 30, 2020. Ashley Solis went on to say this about her situation:

"I'm not afraid anymore. I'm here to take back the power, take back control."

Here are some of the other statements made by Ashley Solis at her press conference on Tuesday:

"I'm a survivor of assault and harassment. Deshaun Watson is my assaulter and my harasser. I replay the incident over and over in my head as if I'm trying to wake up from some horrible nightmare, only that nightmare is real. I hope Deshaun Watson knows how much pain he's inflicted on me physically and emotionally."

Ashley Solis mentioned that her father was a die-hard Texans fan and that now he cannot mention Deshaun Watson's name without getting upset. She also went on to say that she cannot do the career that she loves the most because of the situation. Solis further went on to say this about Deshaun Watson:

"We were all deceived into thinking Deshaun Watson was a good guy but we know sometimes good guys do bad things. I will not let Deshaun Watson define who I am. I will not let him win. He needs to be held accountable for his actions."

After watching the conference that was conducted by Ashley Solis, a few things seemed a little different. Let's take a look at what stood out during the press conference that Ashley Solis had on Tuesday.


Ashley Solis may not have been telling the whole truth during her press conference on Tuesday

Jane Doe #1 Ashley Solis
Jane Doe #1 Ashley Solis

The first thing that seemed odd was the way that Ashley Solis started off her speech. She told everyone to remember her name as if she was going to be famous and remembered forever. This isn't something that someone who claims to be hurting should say to start a conference. It made her look like she was out for something more.

Next, she mentioned that her father was a Houston Texans fan and now he cannot mention them without turning red. It doesn't make sense as to why it's important to mention that her father was a Texans fan. This could be another way of trying to get more out of the situation than the truth.

Finally, it seemed like her speech was scripted and planned out. Which is understandable: individuals need to practice reading before giving a speech. But this was different. It felt like Tony Buzbee and Ashley Solis had planned out the parts where she should shed a tear.


Then the big bomb was dropped by Watson's lawyer after the conference. Ashley Solis wanted $100,000 in hush money before taking everything public. With this news breaking, it's hard to tell who is telling the truth here. It doesn't look good for Solis especially because she said she was not doing this for the money but wanted $100,000 from Watson to stay quiet.

By no means is anyone condoning what Deshaun Watson did or didn't do to these 22 women. It just seems like Ashley Solis and Tony Buzbee scripted the whole thing because they were losing power in the case. It'll be interesting to see how all this pans out over time.

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Published 07 Apr 2021, 16:04 IST
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