Who is Joy Behar? 'The View' host wants NFL to hire Colin Kaepernick as "palate-cleanser"

Joy Behar (Creator: Ida Mae Astute | Credit: ABC under
Joy Behar (Creator: Ida Mae Astute | Credit: ABC under

Joy Behar, host of 'The View,' has come out swinging for Colin Kaepernick, referring to the prospect of him being rehired by the NFL as a "palate-cleanser." Her comments came in the wake of Jon Gruden's disturbing emails, which were variously racist, misogynistic and homophobic. Jon Gruden has since resigned but Joy Behar believes that if the NFL wants to move away from his views, they must reinstate Colin Kaepernick.

Who is Joy Behar and what did she say on 'The View' about Colin Kaepernick?

Joy Behar is a comedienne best known for her work on the television show, 'The View'. She joined the original cast of 'The View' in 1997, when Barbara Walters came up with the idea of a daytime talk show featuring women's viewpoints. 'The View' has since been a pioneering show and Joy Behar is the only one among the original panelists still there.

@STX488 Meredith Vieira was once a host of millionaire. She was still moderator until 2006. She left The View that time. Star Jones as well leaving two empty seats. Barbara, Joy & Elisabeth remained. Joy Behar to this day is still the only surviving original panelist

She began as a host who would only appear on days when Barbara Walters was off, but then became a permanent co-host. In addition to her work on 'The View', Joy Behar has hosted her own eponymous shows on various channels. She is also the authoress of the book 'The Great Gasbag: An A–Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World'.

One of the segments on 'The View' discusses hot topics of current interest and it was there that the topic of Jon Gruden and his emails came up. Apart from the appalling homophobic and misogynistic views therein, they were also dripping with racism. He had called a black gentleman's lips the size of Michelin tires and said that players like Eric Reid and Colin Kaepernick had no place in the league.

1/4: In recently revealed emails released as part of a workplace misconduct case, Raiders coach #JonGruden criticized our brother @E_Reid35 for protesting police terrorism by calling for his termination.

Colin Kaepernick had been sitting, and then subsequently kneeling, during the national anthem before NFL games as a form of visible protest against police brutality against people of color. It was this gesture of his that drew Jon Gruden's ire.

Now that the true scope of Jon Gruden's racist beliefs have become clearer, he has had to leave the league. However, Joy Behar believes the NFL's stance against racism will have no meaning until they reinstate the very player Jon Gruden raged about. She said,

"If they really wanna clean up their act, they should hire Colin Kaepernick. Why is he out of a job while all of this is going on? Wouldn’t that be a good way for them to clean the palate?”


She is of the firm belief that such a gesture would be a true measure of the league's seriousness in eradicating racism. Colin Kaepernick, and all those he inspired, would undoubtedly agree.

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