Why did Deion Sanders have to go undergo amputation? Exploring Colorado HC's mysterious health issue

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Challenging circumstances have been a part of Deion Sanders' life both during and after his playing career. However, the NFL legend recently faced a devastating health scare when he learned that he had to go under the knife to amputate two toes from his left foot as a result of a battle with potentially fatal blood clots.

Sanders was found to have three femoral arterial blood clots which were preventing blood from reaching his left foot. He suffered a compartment syndrome, which occurs when muscle pressure reaches a degree that can restrict the passage of blood and oxygen. This came as a result of the clots that started in his calf and spread to other parts of his leg. The left big toe and the one adjacent to it were ultimately cut off of Sanders' foot.

In a segment from the Coach Prime webseries by Barstool Sports, Sanders, also known to his followers as Prime Time, discussed his illness and recuperation.

He claimed that they had initially discussed amputating his leg below the knee to save his life. "So we called my mother about the clots," he said. "We didn't know that my uncle died from blood clots, my other uncle nearly died last year from blood clots, and she was diagnosed with blood clots a year ago."

Deion Sanders later admitted that the turf toe infections he had sustained while starring in the NFL were the cause of his surgery. Sanders' foot had been dislocated for 15 years as a result of playing through discomfort, as many footballers have experienced.


Has Deion Sanders been able to walk since his surgery?

After undergoing his first surgery in September 2021 for a dislocated toe and an irritated nerve, Deion Sanders was seen using a scooter on the sidelines of games, and was even able to ride a motorized bike at one point. He is now standing upright once more.

Deion Sanders revealed that he needs to receive therapeutic massages two to three times daily and take necessary drugs to maintain normal blood flow. The Pro Football Hall of Famer also revealed to Shannon Sharpe that because of his injury, he now wears boots that are sizes 11 and 12.

Throughout his 14-year NFL career, Sanders starred for Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins.

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