Why did Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson lose his job?

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
Walter Sharp
Modified 12 Apr 2021

Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle went on The Greg Hill Show where he spoke about the Deshaun Watson situation. Wilson knows Watson really well from working with the Houston Chronicle.

Some of the comments made by Aaron Wilson on the show weren't necessarily wrong as it was just how he felt about the situation. Let's take a look at what Aaron Wilson said, and what he had to say after being fired from the Houston Chronicle.

What did Aaron Wilson say during "The Greg Hill Show" that ultimately got him fired?

Deshaun Watson and former Houston Chronicle
Deshaun Watson and former Houston Chronicle's Aaron Wilson

During his interview on The Greg Hill Show, Aaron Wilson called Tony Buzbee an "ambulance chasing" lawyer, and called the whole situation a "money grab". These comments shouldn't have been made but Wilson was saying what maybe everyone close to Deshaun Watson wants to say.

"In his case, you know, it's kind of like you don't, you know, you don't negotiate with terrorists. Attempting to explain the notion that players with impeccable reputations are more likely to pay to make allegations like this go away."
"You know, people are demanding money, they're asking for money. It kept escalating, it kept going up and up and up. You start talking about more funds, I'm not gonna say how much it got to."
"My understanding is, you know, that there was an admission that, it was, you know, something, you know, just that this was youknow just a money grab."
"I don't know them, I know him. I'm not gonna throw the guy under the bus before I have some proof. I don't feel like I have the proof, just it's allegations."

On Friday, the Houston Chronicle held a staff meeting where they announced that Aaron Wilson was no longer a part of the company. The Chronicle went as far as talking to everyone that is covering the Watson case to handle it with care.

After being let go by the Houston Chronicle, Aaron Wilson posted this statement to his Twitter account.

"I made a mistake that I fully understand and own when I did not choose my words nearly carefully enough during a discussion on a March 19th radio program regarding the sensitive, complex and controversial Deshaun Watson legal situation, in the days following the initial filing of the civil lawsuits from women against him."
"My efforts to convey perspectives on the situation clearly demonstrated an unintentional lack of sensitivity to the serious nature of these types of allegations, and I sincerely apologize for my remarks."
"I didn't maintain my own high standards that I've established and applied during my two decades covering many other similarly important and delicate situations in the NFL."
"I will proceed much more carefully going forward and learn from this moment. I am committed to outstanding journalism now and always."
Published 12 Apr 2021
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