Will Josh Rosen play in the NFL in 2021? Could the former San Francisco 49ers QB turn to the CFL or Spring League?

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp
San Francisco 49ers Training Camp
Ian Van Roy

Josh Rosen's career was dealt a fresh blow this week. The once shiny prospect has now been cut by the San Francisco 49ers. As things stand, Rosen is likely pulling every last lever and string with any franchise to get one last shot. At some point, though, the young quarterback will need to face facts.

Will Josh Rosen find himself out of the NFL this year or could he find a port in the middle of the storm? Here's a look at the options Rosen is facing right now.

Where will Josh Rosen end up?

NFL options

There are two teams where Rosen may be able to scrape by as a backup: the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys, two franchises struggling to find a decent backup QB.

The Ravens had a competition at backup QB between Trace McSorely and Tyler Huntley before McSorley injured his back. He is now out for the preseason and Huntley is currently the de facto backup. Huntley is a third-string quarterback with no experience. Needless to say, in comparison to the latter, Rosen is an upgrade.

The Dallas Cowboys are also facing problems at backup quarterback. They had one of the best quarterback rooms last year with Andy Dalton serving as Dak Prescott's backup. This year, however, the Cowboys are waiting for either Garrett Gilbert, Cooper Rush or Ben DiNucci to separate themselves.

It is proving to be a rough experience, as all three quarterbacks are stuck in the same boat. Rosen could be an upgrade for the short-term, buying time for the Cowboys to find someone better in 2022.

CFL or Spring League as a last resort?

Failing the Cowboys or Ravens, Josh Rosen will have no choice but to look at other leagues. The Canadian Football League often takes NFL players that fall by the wayside.

There is also the XFL, although the stability of the league is far from guaranteed. Another option is the Spring League, as well as the Fan Controlled Football League. Lastly, there is a professional flag football league as well as the arena football league.


With these leagues, Rosen still has plenty of options if he wants to sling the football around. The Canadian Football League would be the best option since it is the most popular and stable league apart from the NFL.

Tampa Bay Vipers v Los Angeles Wildcats
Tampa Bay Vipers v Los Angeles Wildcats

Where will Josh Rosen eventually end up? No matter what happens, getting cut from the 49ers is not the end of the road for Josh Rosen. He's shown perseverance thus far, and will likely stick with football for as long as it will have him.

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