Will Tim Tebow officially retire from the NFL?

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp
Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

Tim Tebow tried to revitalize his NFL career this summer by switching positions and playing tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Unfortunately for Tebow, after just one preseason game, he was released by the Jaguars on Tuesday morning.

Tebow signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the end of May in the hope of resurrecting his NFL career. Tebow, who hasn't played in the NFL since 2015, also tried his hand at a Major League Baseball career.

He signed with the New York Mets in 2016 and worked his way up the Minor League system, reaching Triple-A before announcing his retirement from baseball before spring training in 2021.

Was this Tim Tebow's last attempt at an NFL career?

Tim Tebow signing with the Jaguars wasn't a shock, considering his former Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer is now the coach of the Jags. But his performances throughout training camp showed that he struggled to learn the tight end position, a position he had never played in his football career.

The Jaguars played the Cleveland Browns in their first preseason game of the season on Saturday night, where Tebow made his debut as a tight end. He wasn't targeted in the passing game, and his attempt at blocking went viral. Tebow was also one of six tight ends listed on the Jaguars' depth chart.

Now, with this most recent attempt at an NFL career coming to an end, is that it for Tebow? It could very well be. A former Heisman Trophy winner with the Gators, Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first -round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and also made a playoff run with the team.

Tebow turned 34 last Saturday. He has attempted NFL and MLB careers now, and has overcome numerous injuries. After being released by the Jaguars, Tebow posted on Twitter::

Tebow's tweet could be construed as his goodbye to pro-football. He mentioned that he was thankful for the chance to pursue a dream. Some could read that as he tried something. Since that didn't come to fruition, he has decided to move on.

It's unlikely another NFL team will sign Tim Tebow now. So retirement does seem like the next step in the football journey that Tebow has had this year.

If he does announce his retirement, he won't be away from the game for too long. Tebow still works for the SEC Network as a college football analyst. As one of the best college football players to ever play at the NCAA level, Tebow gives good insight into today's players. He is one of the co-hosts of the 'SEC Nation' Saturday morning college football show too.

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