How to get Onix in Pokemon GO, and can it be shiny?

How to get onix in pokemon go? Explored
Onix in Pokemon GO (Image via The Pokemon Company/Niantic)

Players can get almost all variants of Onix in Pokemon GO, including regular, shiny, and Shadow. While its regular form debuted with the launch of the game, Niantic made its shiny variant available during the Adventure Week 2019 event. Onix has a unique design that resembles a snake, but its body is composed of hard rocks. For this reason, it is also known as the Rock Snake Pokemon.

Onix’s type is Rock and Ground. The critter can evolve into Steelix, which is a dual Rock- and Steel-type species. By using Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO, its final form can evolve into a Mega Steelix.

In this article, we will explore ways to obtain Onix in Pokemon GO, including how one can come across its shiny form.

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How can you get Onix in Pokemon GO?

Onix in Pokemon GO (Image via TPC)
Onix in Pokemon GO (Image via TPC)

With so many methods to get Onix in Pokemon GO, it might be difficult for trainers to find the easiest one for them. Here is how you can catch the Pocket Monster:

  • Find it in the wild
  • Hatch Pokemon eggs
  • Beat raids
  • Complete research tasks
  • Win GO Battle League (GBL) fights

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1) Find it in the wild

The oldest way to find Onix is to hunt it in the wild. The Pocket Monster has been appearing in the wild since 2016. Each critter has its own spawn rate, but regular forms spawn more often than shiny variants.

This means if you are looking for an Onix, you can use items that boost spawn rates, such as Lure Modules and Incense. By activating these items, you can independently increase the creature's rate of wild spawns.

You can also do the same with the Weather Boost effect, but you must be present in Partly Cloudy and Sunny weather conditions. The best strategy you can implement to encounter the Rock Snake Pokemon is to activate all the effects in its favorable weather.

2) Hatch Pokemon eggs

Trainers can hatch eggs to get Pocket Monsters like Onix in Pokemon GO. The creature has been available to hatch from 2 KM, 5 KM, 7 KM, and 10 KM eggs.

Niantic has held numerous events in the past, which offered players opportunities to add the critter to one’s collection via eggs. Some of the programs that featured Onix in eggs include Eggstravaganza 2017/18 and Adventure Week 2019.

3) Defeat raids

Battle in raids (Image via Niantic)
Battle in raids (Image via Niantic)

Onix is a Rock and Ground-type Pokemon. For this reason, the creature is 256% weak to Grass- and Water-type attacks. Meanwhile, it is 160% weak to type attacks, like Fighting, Ground, Ice, and Steel.

You can exploit these vulnerabilities when Onix appears as a raid boss in Pokemon GO.

4) Complete research tasks

You can earn encounters with Onix in Pokemon GO by finishing a research task. If this Pocket Monster is available in the Field Research story, you can spin Pokestops to receive the story. In addition, you can collect its encounter awards from the Timed and Special quests.

In the Pokemon GO Shared Skies season, you can Purify three Shadow Pokemon to collect an encounter with the snake-like critter.

5) Win GO Battle League (GBL)

The GO Battle League (GBL) will give you various valuable items, like Stardust, Poke Balls, and Pokemon encounters, if you emerge victorious in matches. This means you have a chance to bag Onix by playing in this PvP format.

How can you get shiny Onix in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Onix (Image via TPC)
Shiny Onix (Image via TPC)

You can get Shiny Onix in Pokemon GO by encountering and catching it in the wild, beating its raids, finishing your research quests, conquering GBL matches, and hatching eggs.

However, the probability of getting a shiny Onix is much lower than that of a regular Onix.

FAQs about Onix in Pokemon GO

Q1) How rare is Onix in Pokemon GO?

Onix isn't particularly rare in Pokemon GO. It can be found in the wild in various locations and hatched from eggs. However, encountering a Shiny Onix is much rarer and requires a lot of luck.

Q2) Is Onix a legendary Pokemon?

No, Onix is not a legendary Pokemon. It's a Rock/Ground type that evolves into Steelix.

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