10 famous celebrities and their favorite NBA teams

Jack Nicholson (in the black suit) reacts durign a Lakers game courtside at the Staples Center
Yash Matange

We Indians follow cricket like it is religion so it is no surprise that a big percentage of our population knows a lot not only about the owners of the various franchises in the Indian Premier League. We also know about the celebrities from Bollywood and other sports who are fans of specific teams.So what about the NBA?Anybody know all the Hollywood celebs and various other icons who are minority owners of the teams or which team they support in the NBA?Well here is a list of 10 famous celebrities and their favorite NBA teams. 

#1 Jack Nicholson-Los Angeles Lakers

If there was ever an award for the most loyal celebrity fan of an NBA team, it will undoubtedly go to Hollywood film writer, director and actor Jack Nicholson. He has been a faithful fan of the Los Angeles Lakers ever since the Showtime era in the 1980’s. 

A regular on the celebrity watch during the Lakers game, Nicholson is a true basketball fan who comes to Staples Center every day for the game and nothing else. 

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