5 current WWE Superstars John Cena has never faced but should

Austin Theory should face John Cena
Austin Theory should face John Cena

Only a few WWE Superstars on the current roster have ever faced John Cena. But, they should.

The Leader of the Cenation is arguably the greatest superstar in WWE history. Cena was the face of WWE for many years before recently becoming a part-timer. Over the past few years, the 16-time World Champion has faced almost every active superstar in the WWE locker room.

Despite this, a few new wrestlers have found their way to the main roster in the past few months. Some of these superstars have previously teamed up with the former WWE Champion. Nevertheless, they have never faced him. Having a match against Cena now seems like an interesting idea for some of these WWE Superstars for different reasons.

Here are five current WWE Superstars John Cena has never faced but should.

#5. WWE United States Champion Damian Priest

Damian Priest has been one of the rising stars of Monday Night RAW since his main roster debut earlier this year. He gave an eye-catching performance in the Royal Rumble match before teaming up with Bad Bunny to defeat The Miz and John Morrison at WrestleMania. The 39-year-old then captured the United States Championship at SummerSlam after defeating Sheamus.

Since becoming United States Champion, Priest has defeated several former world champions, including Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, and Jinder Mahal, on televised and untelevised shows. He has also been a fighting champion, defending his title over 20 times on weekly shows, live events, and pay-per-views.

After proving his ability to hold the prestigious United States title, having a good match against John Cena could take Priest's career to the next level to prove he is main-event material.

The United States Champion has previously teamed up with Cena in a dark match on RAW. They defeated Jinder Mahal and Veer last August. In an interview with Jose G of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Priest disclosed how he felt teaming up with the Leader of the Cenation.

"Yeah I guess it was like one of those things where I was just thinking, How did I get here?! ... Forget about all the success that he has had in this business. Then he is also like a mega star in Hollywood now. I mean, my life is like, it’s more than I dreamed of and I am so, so humbled by it and appreciative of everything. But yeah, John Cena! Wild life man!" he said.

Priest recently teamed up with Finn Balor to face Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode on the December 13 episode of RAW. However, they lost the bout.

#4. WWE Superstar Austin Theory

Austin Theory moved from NXT to Monday Night RAW in the 2021 WWE Draft, establishing himself as a heel on the Red Brand. The 24-year-old kicked off his run on RAW by attacking Jeff Hardy. He then defeated The Charismatic Enigma twice in a row.

Theory also feuded with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. He defeated Dominik on the October 25 episode of RAW and his father the following week. Later in November, he went head-to-head with Big E for the WWE Championship. However, he came up short.

Judging by his performance since joining RAW, Theory has the potential to become a top heel in WWE. A feud with John Cena could help him reach that status since the Leader of the Cenation is the ultimate good guy in WWE history. The young wrestler could also learn a lot from working with the 16-time World Champion.

The current RAW Superstar has already laid the ground for a future match against Cena. In a recent interview with Alternative Sport, he disclosed that he would rather retire Cena than win the Tag Team Titles with him.

"I think for Austin Theory, yeah, you’d have to really not see Cena anymore ’cause I’d have to retire him. I’d have to do it, man,” he said.

Earlier this year, Theory revealed on The Bump that he was a Cena fan growing up. He also stated that he once waited three hours to meet the WWE legend at the WWE Performance Center.

#3. WWE Superstar Riddle


Riddle has been one of the most accomplished superstars in WWE since debuting on the main roster in late 2020. The 35-year-old captured the United States Championship after defeating Bobby Lashley and John Morrison at the Elimination Chamber. Although he lost his title to Sheamus at WrestleMania, Riddle later formed a team with Randy Orton to win the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles.

The Original Bro is currently one of the most entertaining superstars on the roster. He shared a segment with John Cena on the July 19 episode of RAW. A week later, Riddle and Cena teamed up to defeat MACE and T-BAR in a dark match.

In an interview with Sportskeeda’s Riju Dasgupta, the RAW Tag Team Champion disclosed that his relationship with Cena started on the wrong foot but later turned friendly.

"John Cena is pretty cool. Originally, when we first met, we didn’t see eye to eye. He didn’t really understand what a bro was, but now he gets it. We’re bros. After John did that little promo with me on the mic, we bro’d off to each other, Randy hit me up, and he goes, 'I don’t know if you know this kid, but John Cena just gave you the rub.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I know what the rub is Randy,'" he said.

A future feud between Riddle and Cena seems like an appealing idea. The two have impressive mic skills and could build up an entertaining storyline. Their different wrestling styles could also make their match more eye-catching. Facing Cena and defeating him could also help Riddle take the next step towards winning a major title in WWE.

#2. WWE Superstar Omos

Although his tag team partner AJ Styles has had a historic feud with John Cena, Omos has never shared the ring with the former WWE Champion. The Nigerian-American is a giant, standing 7ft 3in tall. He is also 400 lb. His size makes him a perfect opponent for Cena.

The Leader of the Cenation has had several encounters against giants throughout his WWE career. He has faced The Big Show many times in the past few years. One of their most famous bouts came at WrestleMania XX when Cena defeated the 7ft giant to capture his first-ever championship, the United States Title.

The 16-time world champion also squared off against several other giants, including The Great Khali and Braun Strowman. Most of Cena's bouts against giants were entertaining. Many fans were excited to see how Cena would overpower these men and deliver his famous Attitude Adjustment.


Seeing the 16-time World Champion go against a guy like Omos would probably be just as entertaining. Facing Cena could also boost Omos' WWE career. After more than a year of being AJ Styles' sidekick, the 27-year-old deserves a push as a singles competitor.

The Undertaker recently praised Omos, stating that he is special. The former RAW Tag Team Champion could prove The Deadman right if he could handle a match with one of the greatest of all time.

#1. WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio and John Cena have shared the WWE ring many times in the past few years. The 16-time world champion recently also competed alongside Rey's son, Dominik.

Dominik Mysterio is one of the rising talents in WWE today. Although he is the youngest superstar on the main roster, the 24-year-old has proved he has so much potential. Going against Cena at one point could be a chance for him to learn more about the business and gain more experience from one of the best in WWE history.

Cena has already taught Dominik a few things. The Leader of the Cenation teamed up with The Mysterios for a few dark matches on SmackDown and at a few live events between July and August this year. During these matches, the 16-time World Champion coached Rey Mysterio's son.

"To hear Cena coaching him in the corner, and he just stayed quiet. What he learned from Cena is completely different than what he's going to learn from me. So I asked Cena to coach my son as much as he can. He's all yours. Dominik learned a lot this past weekend, and it's only gonna get better," Rey told DAZN.

As with all the previous entries on this list, a match against Cena would take Dominik's career to another level. The former SmackDown Tag Team Champion could turn heel and attack his father to set up a match against Cena, who could return to defend Rey.

For several fans, it might be interesting to see Cena face Dominik more than a decade after he last went one-on-one against his father.