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5 wrestling rumors we hope are true and 5 we hope aren't: Megastar to return to WWE in October, AEW makes a mistake with Moxley?

Rohit Nath
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Paul Heyman has been front and center of the spotlight this week
Paul Heyman has been front and center of the spotlight this week

Welcome to the second edition of "wrestling rumors we hope are true and those we hope are not"! Last week, we began a series recapping some of the biggest scoops in wrestling and gave our takes as to which we hope were true and which we hope weren't.

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This week has been an extremely interesting one for WWE. As you'll see through the slides, the rumours going about this week are very Paul Heyman-centric, particularly since he just began his role as Executive Producer of Monday Night RAW.

Naturally, there was a big difference seen in the eyes of many fans and minus a couple of hiccups, the episode received general praise. It's definitely a good sign to start off with, but we must note that with Heyman (and even Bischoff, to some extent), the vision he has will only be implemented over a long-term period of time. As for Bischoff, he will handle creative but he has mainly been hired due to his experience in dealing with TV executives.

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#5. We hope is true: Ronda Rousey wants to work with Paul Heyman from October

Ronda Rousey is keen on returning soon, so it seems
Ronda Rousey is keen on returning soon, so it seems

Our very own insider Tom Colohue reported that Ronda Rousey's planned return may happens sooner than expected. While WrestleMania 35 was expected to be her final match, Paul Heyman being in charge may change that, particularly due to their mutual liking of each other.

Colohue's source stated:

“A lot has changed with Raw since WrestleMania. Banks is MIA so Becky’s leading there but Heyman coming back is a big deal. He likes working with Rousey and she likes working with him.”

Rousey was very open about the fact that Heyman helped her in her promos. She likely feels as though Heyman is more capable of bringing the best out of her. And we agree.

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