11 NBA players with the craziest growth spurts

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Tall players have always dominated the game of basketball. Some get an inherited tall height, while some even work to get there. Everyone wants to grow tall, especially a person with a strong love for basketball. Everyone goes through growth spurts, some people hit a growth spurt for just one time and some hit it many times. In the world of basketball, from Tyrone "Muggsy" Bogues to Manute Bol, we have witnessed the extremeness of height. 

Some players start to get tall at an early age, while some show late height growth, become late bloomers and show some crazy results. In this article, we are showcasing some of the NBA players' craziest growth spurts and here goes the list:

#11 Michael Jordan - 7 inches

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

The greatest player to ever play this game, Michael Jordan was a boy whose father was only 5'9" and mother was 5'6". He would never see himself as a tall NBA player, especially when he was cut from his school basketball team. We all know that he locked himself in his room for that. But he never gave up, neither on his height nor on his dream of becoming an NBA player.

As a sophomore in high school, he was 5'11", a decent height, but he wanted much more than this. His desire to be tall became real when he was in his junior year of high School where he grew up and became 6'3" tall. Then he added 3 more inches to his height and stood at 6'6".

The rest is known by everyone who knows him, the type of player he was and the revolution he brought to the game with his skills, is not needed to be told, his name is enough.

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Published 29 Oct 2018
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