11 NBA players with the craziest growth spurts

sachin roy

#3 Manu Ginobili - 13 inches

Manu still cannot imagine how he grew so tall!
Manu still cannot imagine how he grew so tall!

Manu Ginobili had one of the craziest growth spurts on this planet. He had a strong desire to be really tall like every other guy. At 15, he was just 5'5", but had some really good basketball skills and a great desire to grow tall. In just 2 years he grew up and stood 6'6". Over a foot of height in just 2 years! His childhood friend Pepe Sanchez, who saw Manu after a year, was shocked to see him standing so tall.

Ginobili would measure him every day when he was younger with the kitchen door and when he came to know that he is not growing and everybody else around him is really tall, he became very disappointed. But now as he stands at 6'6", he is just another great example of hitting a huge growth spurt.

Edited by Raunak J
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