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3 most regrettable #1 draft picks

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2009 NBA Draft
2009 NBA Draft

The top pick in the draft doesn't come around all too often. Since 1947, the first NBA Draft, the most times a team has ever gotten a number one pick is six, by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Although most teams are not always as lucky as the Cavs, such as the Dallas Mavericks who only ever received the top pick once, it is also takes a bit of luck to find the next future Hall Of Famer, and not just someone who will end up on a list of the worst number one draft picks in history.

Of the 71 #1 picks, 16 of them have been inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, while 45 of them have gone on to make at least one all-star game. While having the number one pick gives you as much of a chance as you need to get the next LeBron James or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on you roster, not all of them turn out to be future basketball legends.

We take a look at the worst number one picks in the history of the NBA:

#3 Kwame Brown - Drafted by Washington Wizards in 2001

Career Statistics: 6.6 PPG. 5.5 RPG, 0.9 APG

2001 NBA Draft
2001 NBA Draft

No matter who the first pick in the NBA draft is, they immediately have all eyes watching them for their rookie season and the majority of their careers. For Kwame Brown, the pressure was on him as soon as his name was called coming straight from High School.

Chosen by the great Michael Jordan, there are many rumours about the issues the two had as the then President of the Wizards decided to come out of retirement to join the side until 2003. Known for being incredibly competitive, and being very hard on his teammates to get the most out of them, many believe Jordan shot the confidence of Brown and set him up for failure before he had even begun.

Although Kwame Brown did forge a 13 season career in the NBA, moving through seven teams in this time, Brown never found close to the heights people believed the big man would reach when taken number one. Only averaging double digits in scoring for one season of his career, Kwame was waived by the 76ers in 2013 and not picked up by another team as he was dealing with heavy injury troubles.

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