3 reasons why Lakers should pass on drafting Bronny James at #17 in 2024 NBA Draft

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Looking at the reasons why the Lakers should not draft Bronny James

The LA Lakers have reportedly secured the 17th pick of the 2024 NBA Draft. With this, they could draft Bronny James, who declared for the draft a few weeks ago. However, drafting James doesn't always mean it's a positive for any team as there are a few things to be considered.

The Lakers are currently playing a seven-game playoff series against the Denver Nuggets, and there's belief the team will exit early. If they get eliminated in the first round, there are some aspects they need to work on during the offseason. Securing a young prospect could be one of those.

But drafting Bronny isn't the smartest idea for the organization. In this piece, we'll take a look at why the Lakers should pass up on drafting the son of LeBron James.

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3 reasons why Lakers should pass on drafting Bronny James

#3 Team chemistry could be disrupted

Drafting Bronny in the upcoming draft would likely mean that his father will stay with the team. While that's a positive, it could ruin the team's dynamics. The attention will likely be on the father-son duo, which could push the other players aside. The media might focus only on Bronny and others might feel disregarded.

It'll be the first time that a team would potentially have a father-son duo, and no one has been prepared for that. The focus will be on the two of them and it may affect their team's performance on the court.

#2 Developmental issues for Bronny

Bronny James' freshman year with USC was quite underwhelming. The point guard didn't put up eye-popping numbers and fans weren't satisfied. Many believe the young prospect still needs time to develop his offensive skills as he struggled to be effective on the floor.


In the 25 games he's played, James averaged 36.6% shooting from the field and 26.7% from deep. His efficiency on the floor isn't up to par with some of the best college players, which could lead to him struggling in the professional league. He'll need more time to hone his offensive game to be effective for the Lakers.

#1 Expectations could be too high

If the Lakers draft Bronny, he'll be in the spotlight 24/7. The media focuses on the big market teams and their players, which could lead to unrealistic expectations. With the 17th pick, fans will still expect the young guard to be a productive role player, even in his first year.

Fans and media will expect Bronny to be a significant contributor to the Lakers right off the bat. That won't be possible as the point guard still needs time to develop his other skills.

Other teams could help with Bronny's development, but the Lakers might not be among those teams. It'll also be a perfect opportunity for him to develop his growth by himself.

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