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3 Reasons why the Clippers won't make it to the NBA Playoffs this season

Avdhi Bhalgat
04 Dec 2018, 07:40 IST

Los Angeles Clippers' head coach, Doc Rivers
Los Angeles Clippers' head coach, Doc Rivers

Opinions have been floating around with regards to the obtainability of the playoffs this year for the Los Angeles Clippers. Some say they stand a chance because currently at 15-7 they are not only exceeding expectations but are also ahead of schedule on their number of wins. They have systematically done much better than their expected stats and their home record is frankly unbelievable.

However, on the other hand, there are many that believe this is not true. The forecast for their next six games looks mildly cloudy at best and unfortunately, they can't pull anything as big as they did with the Chris Paul trade seven years ago.

Even with a new roster, they will struggle to stay increasingly relevant as none of the names on their roster have converted into a household one and we can't see that happening soon. Nonetheless, the Clippers should not be completely disregarded as their talent and the current momentum is undeniable.

Let us have a look at three reasons why the Clippers will not make it into the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

#3 Similar roster to last year, minus some key players

Tobias Harris (34) has been a key piece for LAC
Tobias Harris (34) has been a key piece for LAC

The Clippers have continually managed to push their way through the tougher Western Conference year after year. Through lots and lots of the seasons bygone the Clippers have done consistently above average regardless of the injuries they always seem to have. Last season, however, they finished 10th in the West and decided to make some changes to the roster.

This process of changing out player has caused a few things; one is the loss of key players, and the second is a slew of players who will need some time to adjust into the new set-up. For example, though Tobias Harris and Lou Williams are supposed to take the court by storm, they lost almost All-Star and household name DeAndre Jordan in the process.

Further, the Clippers have also brought in some new young players like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson who will make an impact but will never be as effective as an All-star, something this team deeply needs. Some of the other specialists who have been put back into action seem promising, but also will need time to get back into the flow of things.

All in all, the roster isn't horrible or much worse than the last, but it is way too similar to that of last season and just doesn't present any room for improvement.

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