5 Most followed NBA players on Instagram

'The King' LeBron James.

In the social media era we are currently living in, sports personalities can have a huge impact if their level and charisma are high enough, and that includes NBA players. Basketball is a global sport and its best example, the NBA, will always have a top spot among sports fans regardless of the country.

Some of the biggest names in the NBA world are also big personalities for the general public, and their social media figures show it.

5 NBA players with most followers on Instagram

The NBA and its teams have media outlets constantly showing the best videos or images from the different NBA events and matches, and it can only help the league's popularity.

Thanks to social media, a fan can become aware of a game's proceedings even without watching it in real-time, and that is a huge influence to have on a social platform. Let's take a look at the five NBA players with the most followers on Instagram.

#5 Kevin Durant - Followers on Instagram: 11.7 million

Durant is one of the best players in today
Durant is one of the best players in today's league.

Kevin Durant is arguably the second-best player in today's NBA and is one of the greatest scorers in NBA history. He is also well-regarded by the general public, and his social media following is representative of the fact.

Durant's follower count on Instagram is at 11.7 million. He is not a very active social media person, but we've seen him get involved in arguments with fans who try to get his attention with some controversial takes about him or his career.

His IG account does not include his name in any visible area. Still, Durant's "easymoneysniper" profile is filled with great pictures and good content.

#4 Kyrie Irving - Followers on Instagram: 14.2 million

Irving seems to be complicated, but he is very popular among fans.
Irving seems to be complicated, but he is very popular among fans.

Kyrie Irving is another great player whose impact off the floor is also hugely relevant. Irving seems to be a very knowledgeable and informed athlete, even though his form of displaying some of that wisdom can be controversial and perhaps confusing to many.

Nonetheless, Irving has a great follower count on Instagram (14.2 million), and he uses his platform to post images and quotes that go way beyond sports. Some of his posts are about social matters, and he often includes quotes that could inspire people to do well in all aspects of their lives.

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Edited by Parimal Dagdee
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