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5 NBA Players With Surprisingly Bad +/- Ratings This Season

The +/- is a fairly new stat to be implemented in the NBA find out who's among the worst in the league...

Top 5 / Top 10 30 Nov 2017, 16:30 IST

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors
Steph Curry has the best +/- rating in the league, but there are some surprising players with a bad rating...

The plus/minus rating is fairly new to the NBA, but it has been around forever in the NHL. For hockey, when a team is at even-strength or shorthanded and they score a goal, the players on the ice at the time see their plus/minus total go up by one; while those on the ice for the opposing team, their total goes down by one.

For the NBA, the plus/minus stat is a new phenomenon as the league started to use it around 2012 and now uses it as an official statistic. It works just like it does in hockey if you're on the court your team scoring, it's a +2 or +3; while the opposing team's players get a -2 or -3.

This article will take a look at five players in the NBA this season with a surprisingly bad plus/minus rating. For a statistical reference, the best plus/minus rating in the NBA currently is held by Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors with a +11.7 average per game. Worst in the league (with playing a majority of the team's games this season) is Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks who is averaging a -11.0.

Continue on to see five surprising NBA players with terrible plus/minus ratings on the season so far (as of before Wednesday nights games).

#5 De'Aaron Fox - Sacramento Kings (-7.5) - Ranked #444

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers
Rookie De'Aaron Fox looks to turn around the Sacramento Kings...

Sacramento Kings rookie De'Aaron Fox is starting his NBA career with a terrible plus/minus rating. The fifth pick of the 2017 NBA Draft has a -7.5 plus/minus, and only seven players in the NBA who have played in at least 16 games this season have a worse plus/minus rating.

In what will be a common theme on this list, Fox comes from a team with one of the worst records in the NBA. The Kings are currently 6-15 on the year and only the Dallas Mavericks have a worse record.

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