5 pictures of Shaq holding things from daily life and making them look tiny

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Shaquille O'Neal, also called 'Shaq', is renowned for many things. He's an NBA legend, an entrepreneur, a movie star, a DJ and a TV presenter, too. One of the rare, yet hilarious things he's known for, is making things from daily life look tiny in his lengthy hands.

With a hand length of 10.5" and a hand span of almost 12", O'Neal could easily palm the basketball, which is around 29.5" in circumference. By virtue of having huge hands, he could easily dominate the rebounding glass. However, this also became a contributing factor to his especially poor shooting from a distance.

Taking note of his massive size, the LA Lakers and Miami Heat legend has garnered a lot of attention for making regular, everyday objects look tiny.

Keeping this in mind, let's take a look at five times O'Neal made daily life objects look tiny.

5 pictures of Shaq holding things and making it look tiny

#1 Shaquille O'Neal and the water bottle incident

Shaquille O'Neal holding a water bottle [Source: Reddit- r/ShaqHoldingThings]
Shaquille O'Neal holding a water bottle [Source: Reddit- r/ShaqHoldingThings]

One of the most popular objects that appeared tiny in O'Neal's hands happens to be a water bottle. O'Neal was on the set of the popular basketball show, NBA on TNT.

Joined by former NBA players Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, the panel was in awe of O'Neal's hand as he drank water.

The bottle looked miniscule in O'Neal's hands, and it almost immediately gained attention from netizens on Twitter. However, he took things a step further on the show.

Attempting the viral 'Kawhi Bottle Challenge,' O'Neal managed to hold four bottles of water in one hand as they were placed upon his palm.

#2 - Shaq holding up a Krispy Kreme donut

O'Neal is a fan of doughnuts. However, the sweet baked treat appears immensely tiny in the NBA giant's hands.

Considering that Shaquille O'Neal has invested in Krispy Kreme, he has taken up the onus of promoting its sales as well. Pictures of O'Neal promoting Krispy Kreme's donut went viral as the legend was seen holding one up between his fingers.

The Krispy Kreme donut appeared ridiculously small in O'Neal's hands. With fans on Twitter also enjoying a laugh over the image, it's safe to say that his promotional work was a success.

#3 Regulation basketball in Shaq's hands

O'Neal holding a basketball [Source: Indie88]
O'Neal holding a basketball [Source: Indie88]

O'Neal had immense success as a basketball player due to his size, strength and athleticism. With the physical gifts to dominate the game, O'Neal also had some of the biggest hands the NBA has ever seen.

In many images, O'Neal is seen comfortably palming the ball with one hand. However, when seen in the context of holding it between his fingers, one realizes how truly large his hands are.

While the size of his hands was a gift, this was also a curse because it made it difficult for him to get a proper shooting grip on the ball. Given the manner in which he had to adjust his grip to shoot, it's no wonder that the big man struggled to make his free throws.

#4 Shaq enjoys a small Pepsi on the set of Grown Ups 2

Shaquille O'Neal has quite an impressive body of work as an entertainer, as well. Having starred in several movies, alongside the likes of Hollywood celebrities, such as Adam Sandler, O'Neal has done his fair share of work on movie sets.

In this regard, a picture of O'Neal holding a can of Pepsi on the set of 'Grown Ups 2' earned a fair bit of attention. Playing the role of a security guard, O'Neal could be seen enjoying the Pepsi during a break between shots.

#5 - O'Neal holding up a chicken wing

O'Neal holds up a chicken wing [Source: MobileSyrup]
O'Neal holds up a chicken wing [Source: MobileSyrup]

Another iconic moment of O'Neal making things appear tiny happened when he joined the popular YouTube show 'Hot Ones.'

In a show that has celebrities eat chicken wings doused in hot sauce, O'Neal went viral for a variety of moments. However, the sight of the legend holding a regular chicken wing was certainly surreal.

O'Neal made the wings appear tiny as he went to work answering questions. However, following the spice hit from the wings, fans ended up focusing on his hysterical reactions on the show instead. His appearance on the show definitely made for must-watch TV.

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