5 worst free-throw shooters in the 2021 NBA Playoffs 

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Arhaan Raje

Free-throw shooting in the 2021 NBA Playoffs has sparked a plethora of controversies. Shooting from the foul line with no player contesting the shot seems an easy proposition, but it takes a tremendous amount of composure to execute.

The best players succumb to the pressure, especially if they haven't been able to get going with their free-throw shooting earlier in the game. With opposition players and fans chirping in their ears, it makes it even more difficult to add points to the team's total.

Plenty of impact players during the 2021 NBA Playoffs have struggled to make the most of free-throw opportunities, which have hurt their teams on many occasions.

The list isn't solely based on the traditional stats of the players during the 2021 NBA Playoffs. Thus it includes top players who could have impacted games positively had they been better with their free-throw shooting.

So without further ado, here's a look at five players who have been the worst free-throw shooters during the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

#5 Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler had a poor postseason campaign in the 2021 NBA Playoffs, averaging only 14.5 points per game and struggling with his shooting. Capitalizing on Butler's shooting woes, the Milwaukee Bucks cruised to a 4-0 series sweep against the Miami Heat in the first round.

Butler shot 86% of his free throws during the regular season but only managed 72% of his attempts during the postseason, getting to the charity stripe five times per game. That limited him from impacting the game offensively and giving the Miami Heat the much-needed boost he provided during the regular season.

#4 Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert
Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert has the ability to impact games heavily at the defensive end. He can also be a lethal weapon offensively because of his size and ability to use his strength against opposition bigs. More often than not, the only way to limit him in offense is by fouling him.

But as Gobert is only an average free-throw shooter, opposition teams do not get too bothered when he is on the foul line, provided they have fouls to give. In the second-round series between the Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers in the 2021 NBA Playoffs, Gobert struggled massively at both ends of the floor.

Initially, he did a decent job with his free-throw shooting but struggled in crunch games to convert from the foul line. That may not have completely changed the course of the games, but that would have at least eased the pressure off his teammates who were impactful in offense.

If he does improve his free-throw shooting this upcoming NBA season, Gobert could be difficult to contain, as he operates heavily in the paint as a traditional center.

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